A title is given, songs are submitted, the public votes on their favorite, the artists cavort, bicker, and blather on the message boards. A new fight every week.

The Songfight! Network is your home base for web pages, sites, and other resources related to SongFight! The fights and message boards are hosted by JB and Spud, but the rest of these are created and maintained by third parties. A wealth of information is at your fingertips here.

The main "front page" of Songfight!, where the current fight is posted, voting takes place, the next fight is announced, five and ten-year old fights are highlighted, and news about events in the Songfight! community is posted. The main page is maintained by Spud.
The Song Fight Message Board is your destination for talking shop about music. Each fight is announced here, fighters brag about their upcoming entries, collaborations are initiated, and reviews are posted here. There are other discussions here, of politics and movies, computers and books. But mostly about music. Listening to it, enjoying it, hating it, making it, and arguing about it. The Board is currently administered by fluffy.
Once a year, songfighters gather somewhere in the U.S. to perform their songs for each other. Previous venues include San Francisco (twice), Lancaster, Seattle, Austin, Boston, Santa Cruz, Atlanta, Tampa, Spokane, and New York.
Lunkhead has made a database-driven player for the Songfight! archive that's more robust than the "official" archive pages. Search, find, listen.
You know, a wiki. A place for information about Songfight!, Songfight! artists, and related topics.
Hosted by Manhattan Glutton, but maintained by you.
Songfighters chat about the next fight, the last fight, and what they are having for lunch. If you've got a chat app like X-Chat, the chat is hosted at euIRC, and we are in the #songfight! channel. Don't forget the exlamation mark. Jan Krueger has set up a help page with an embedded chat window at http://jan-krueger.net/sf-irc if you would prefer.
You've heard of it, right? Well, we've got a "group" over there. It's yet another place to chat in less than real time with other songfighters, except in public instead of in our own message board. Divide and conquer, I guess.
Somewhere, someone is talking about songfight. The link above takes you to every post that mentions #songfight. For the official songfight! feed, go to http://twitter.com/songfight. The Songfight! archivist (Lunkhead), posts (including new titles) at https://twitter.com/#!/sfarchivist.
No picture, it didn't happen, right? Well, we got the proof right here. Songfighters have cameras, and they take pictures. Some of them even post them on flickr.
Jeff Fal started somesongs as a place for songfighters and others to post, rate and review their songs, especially those that weren't a part of the fights. When Jeff got too busy to maintain somesongs, Lunkhead took over, re-wrote the code, and now hosts this service. All songs are self-hosted by the participating artists.
Back in the stone ages of Songfight!, songfighter Drew Tetz started drawing a comic called "unfunny" about Songfight! and other songfighters. It wasn't funny then, and it still isn't funny now, but it's part of the record, so here it is. You can even make your own.
Resources for musicians and Songfighters, including sections on magazines, gear, forums, artists, collectives, distribution, promotion, duplication, merchandise, the music industry, articles, and other miscellaneous topics. Created by JB.
Get your Songfight! t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and what-not. Sections include Songfight! logo merchandise, replicas of shirts from past live shows, Song Love! and the special fdrink section. Hosted at cafepress by Spud.