Fantasy band lineup

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Fantasy band lineup

Post by Lunkhead »

What's your fantasy band lineup, to perform with yourself? (Not to see, but to be a part of.)

I was thinking of this initially as which instrumentalists, not specific performers, but if you want to pick specific people, go for it.

I dream of being in a band with a drummer, bass player, another guitar player, keyboard player, Erin singing lead of course, three backup singers, three horn players, and three string players. I feel like that would be so amazing!! Some times I've seen bands almost like that. Four years ago we saw Iron & Wine and he had most of that with him. One time we saw Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, and they had the backup singers and strings and keys on top of their usual huge lineup.

But maybe you'd prefer ... four synth players?! Two drummers?! A gospel choir? What would it be if the sky were the limit?
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Re: Fantasy band lineup

Post by ujnhunter »

I want to say that I'd like to play in a power trio ala Rush, but since I can't really sing and play bass at the same time... or really play bass that well at all... I'd probably have to go with a Nine Inch Nails type setup... with a guitar player, bass player, drummer and two keyboard players... which would allow me to perform almost all of my songs live. Which is kind of bumming me out right now, seeing I'd have to find 5 people who would actually want to play my songs live... :\
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Re: Fantasy band lineup

Post by Niveous »

Damn. This is hard.
I used to have the answer but then I joined a band with an omnichordist and now all the rules have changed.
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Re: Fantasy band lineup

Post by iVeg »

My fantasy band would be like pick-up beach volleyball. Friends would rotate in and out depending on the song or project, and might even change positions. We'd play hard, have a lot of fun, take a break, then get teams for the next game.

At least in theory. I guess I've kinda been in a couple bands like that. It was hard enough to learn the part for one instrument. Having to learn multiple parts in multiple instruments - was a bit challenging. I seldom felt like I was ready. Using bad headphones for my Aviom mix probably didn't help, either. It was all I could afford at the time.
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