Remix new song "Teen Beat Cosmonaut" by The Rentals

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Remix new song "Teen Beat Cosmonaut" by The Rentals

Post by Lunkhead »

On HitRecord you can download samples from the new song by The Rentals and make and upload your own remix. Sounds like fun!

Video for the new song is here:

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Re: Remix new song "Teen Beat Cosmonaut" by The Rentals

Post by sleepysilverdoor »

Hmmm, maybe if I get bored I may see what I can do with this one...
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Re: Remix new song "Teen Beat Cosmonaut" by The Rentals

Post by Pigfarmer Jr »

I checked it out but didn't actually create an account which I think you need to download the files. "New song using the samples" sounds like creative leeway.
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Re: Remix new song "Teen Beat Cosmonaut" by The Rentals

Post by jb »

I checked it out. It's not a remix of their song, it's four short samples that you can use in your own project. I guess you then would label your now production a "remix" of their project, since you used their samples.

Honestly, the samples aren't much different than loops you can get basically anywhere. I mean, they are unique loops/samples used in their song, but you can get drum patterns, a choir sound, etc etc anywhere and these aren't any better than what's included with Logic.

I guess the attraction would be to participate in this project that has some attention because the Rentals put it out there.

Just saving you some clicks-- if you're into what I describe above and decide to make a track, I look forward to seeing your links in this thread. :)

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