Self Serving Diatribe about a Certain Lack of Motivation

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Self Serving Diatribe about a Certain Lack of Motivation

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I think i've realized why I don't feel compelled to say constructive things about other people's music (the exception being a highly publicized, widely marketed, well funded pop star's).

When I make a song I am just laying my hands on a thing and recording what comes out of it. I'm not trying to sell it. I'm not making it for anyone else. I am just taking down, in audio format, a record of what I was able to accomplish with a certain thought or feeling. As I record it I change it as naturally as seems possible. After I feel the inspiration leave me... I'm done. Either I stop working or I move on to another project. I am not really creating songs - I am noting ideas. Some ideas are EASILY captured in a more complete manner however, most, sadly (to me), are above my skill level to record completely.

I try not to put too much of myself into a composition. I just want to DO something and let it remain as pure (pardon the hilarious "for lack of a better word" phrasing) as I can. Mostly I am unable to make the sound I capture appear as splendid as the sound that I imagine/hear. I am unskilled and slightly talented - passionate and just educated enough to be dangerous. I'm rough, unhewn. I'm a dork and I'm a grown up who has the ability to appreciate what I'm witnessing AND that I am most likely witnessing this in a way differently unique and remarkable from everyone else's own similarly unique and meaningful experiences.

No song that I ever create will sound as amazing as the initial offering sounded in my head. I can't play guitar nor piano very well. That is my fault. I can live with that fault. I assume that everyone else who feels passionate about music already KNOWS the problems with their music. Why should I call out to them with information that they already recognize? Even if they do not know their faults, who is to say that what I hear is what they were trying to convey? I merely desire to enjoy the experience and take away from it whatever I wish and then put it back, leaving it for others' interpretations.

I am never cross with persons who review my work nor are any of you. I am not condemning the forum nor the network. I love it here. I intend to submit a song at every occasion granted me (by my wife and kids. haha). I haven't slept for 2 days (work and stuff) and was listening to the BOB fight while perusing rage comics... when this thought struck me. Thought I'd type it out here. Now that I'm trying to wrap it up I feel kind of silly.

Anyway... If anyone ever wishes to discuss why I only say things like "awesome" and "I love that synth rhythm" or "Sounds like Foghat had a lovechild with Ledbelly and it was raised by Frank Zappa" it is because I (obviously) don't feel compelled at all to change what you plainly felt comfortable submitting. I think this is something we can all live with.

I'm going to go lay down now. maybe listen to some ocean sounds.
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