Please help me get this job

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Please help me get this job

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Hi everyone.

This has been my plan the past couple months. I even wrote it down in my special book. Finish all the musical commitments I've made to people (films scoring and a kid's play etc.) and then DO NOT TAKE ON ANY MORE PROJECTS. When my schedule is finally clear, come back to Song Fight in a big way. I can't wait. That's my plan. Hopefully a month away now. I've missed it here bad.

OK, here's how you can help me get a job. A few weeks ago I applied for this job I really REALLY wanted. I thought I was perfect for it. But I didn’t even get a second interview. Apparently not even close. I’m mystified. I think they made a big mistake. In a rare and telling fit of bravery I’ve decided I’m not going to go down without a fight. I wrote a blog post about the experience, and I want them to see it. I’m thinking of sending it to my HR contact there and even maybe to the company’s CEO. Haven’t decided yet who exactly. (Advice welcome.)

Here’s where I need your help: Could you please go to my blog post and comment on it? You will have to provide a name and email address, but I think that’s all. I don’t want to sent it to them and have them see that no one else in the world has read it, that I have no subscribers or followers; my scheme would be way too obvious. I need it to look like I have an army of supporters as indignant about this as I am. Obviously don’t say anything that gives them an out, like “Well, they probably didn’t think it was a culture fit” or something, and be courteous to the company, antagonizing them is that last thing I want. Also, if there’s something in the post you think sounds bad, or a point I missed or anything let me know because I can edit it still.

For my part, I’m also writing a mess of "brilliant" other blog articles in the next 24 hours and back dating them. I also plan to add some more personal touches to the site and maybe even link to music I’ve done or something. Not sure. The goal is to make it look like a well-used blog, and like a crowd of people agree with the sentiments in this post.

Yeah, this is a very long shot, but what have I got to lose, right?

Here is the link to blog post. ... w-contest/
At the bottom you can comment if you provide a name and email. Please do this as soon as possible because I want to send this to them in the next couple days.

Thanks everyone, and hope to see everyone soon in SF Land again!
Here's my record label page thingie with stuff about me if you are so interested:
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