Apollo14 now for sale - buybuybuy!!!

Set up live gigs with each other, announce gigs you're playing around the country or whatever, talk about how the show went, post links to recordings, etc.
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Apollo14 now for sale - buybuybuy!!!

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I could have re-used the release party thread, but I feel like this is another big event, because for the first time I am selling my music.

So here's the link to CD Baby. We're also everywhere else you would look to buy CDs or digital music. Or if you see me on the street, I can sell you one. We're only trying to recoup studio costs at this point, but even so, it's 17 tracks!

Here are some song fights on the album (by no means the cream of the crop!): The party was awesome, by the way. We have pictures up on Facebook. Feel free to Facebook stalk me.
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