Set up live gigs with each other, announce gigs you're playing around the country or whatever, talk about how the show went, post links to recordings, etc.
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Went to see Queen the other night, at the Boston Garden. Great show! Couldn't pass up a chance to see Brian May. He didn't disappoint. There was a lot of camera work on him and his guitar work, which was way cool! A good 10 minutes of the concert was just May, by himself, and his guitar, up there playing an instrumental song. There was even a couple song acoustic portion of the show. Heck, even Adam Lambert as frontman was more than serviceable, and smartly avoided mimicry of Freddie Mercury. Extensive use of clips of Freddie Mercury rolling in the background and even sound clips of him singing was worked into a number of songs, like Bohemian Rhapsody. In some ways, it seemed like a remembrance concert, but in a good way. Terrible sound at the Garden, but a good crowd, and a lot of fun!!
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Re: Queen

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Sounds better than anything that came out of the Paul Rodgers & Queen era.
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