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PHPBB Breadcrumbs

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Quick question: On a scale of "One" to "Prohibitively onerous," how difficult would it be to make the breadcrumb trail of links on the bottom of each page match the one at the top? At the top of each page, there's a list of links from the Song Fight homepage down to the thread you're in. For instance, the links for the page I'm typing this post into go...
Song Fight! (link to the dot-org) --> Board Index --> Song Fight! (link to the Song Fight subforum) --> Complaints and Suggestions
Whereas the one on the bottom stops at the Board Index:
Song Fight! (link to the dot-org) --> Board Index
It would be nice if they matched, so that I could navigate with somewhat finer control when reaching the end of a thread, which is where I usually am when I want to navigate somewhere else.

I've attached two screenshots, in case my written explanation isn't clear. I'm on the AllanStyle-SUBSILVER theme.
top.png (100.72 KiB) Viewed 2156 times
bottom.png (53.34 KiB) Viewed 2156 times
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Re: PHPBB Breadcrumbs

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No idea so probably not worth it. Just press the 'home' key on your keyboard.
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