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Eye in the Sky

Postby AJOwens » Mon May 23, 2016 3:30 pm

The first thing to know about this film is that the suspense never lets up. The second thing is that it consists mostly of thoughftul discussion. Several isolated groups of military and political staff struggle with an unfolding situation in a house in Kenya, in a script built on a classic moral dilemma, and overlaid with questions of isolation and detachment, personal responsibility, and flawed humanity. Despite the sensitive and highly topical subject matter, the treatment remains respectfully ambiguous.

Graced by the expert performances of Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman [edit -- no, not Rick Wakeman!] in his last onscreen role, and a strong supporting cast including Jeremy Northam [dammit, not Jeremy Bentham] and Aaron Paul, the film is moving as well as thoughtful. It is destined to become a timeless classic of the war genre. Highly recommended.

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