The LEGO Batman Movie

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The LEGO Batman Movie

Post by Lunkhead »

Movies I watched when flying to/from Spain

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, it was a ton of fun. Amazing visuals, bit of weak plot and some so-so dialog, but overall I thought it was decently conceived and written and performed. A
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Re: The LEGO Batman Movie

Post by ken »

I fell asleep in the middle and need to see it again. It didn't strike me as being anywhere near as good as the LEGO movie, but maybe that benefited from a lack of expectations.
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Re: The LEGO Batman Movie

Post by HeuristicsInc »

Saw it with my kids, was a lot of fun. But I'm easy to please where movies are concerned.
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Re: The LEGO Batman Movie

Post by jb »

Batman didn't have the meta-story that LEGO Movie did, and I thought it really suffered for that.

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Re: The LEGO Batman Movie

Post by MicahSommer »

I'm still hoping to see this at some point. I enjoyed the LEGO Movie but thought the plot was incredibly formulaic, and I thought Will Arnett's Batman was one of the highlights of that movie. From what I've heard, the LEGO Batman Movie is not just a good LEGO movie but actually a good Batman movie.
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