Fun-A-Day 2019 and Jamuary 1

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Re: Fun-A-Day 2019 and Jamuary 1

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You should curse more often in your songs!
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Re: Fun-A-Day 2019 and Jamuary 1

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Oops, I forgot to keep posting stuff here. I did NOT forget to keep going though, and I made it through the end of the month!!

On the 25th I made a song with Erin but we only recorded it as a cell phone video and so far I've only posted it to Facebook. :/

Two years ago during Fun-A-Day I turned 40 and wrote a song about that which I think turned out well. I tried to make another birthday inspired song this year:

On the 27th I wrote a little piano song using a prompt "History" and told some of my cat's origin story:

Monday night the 28th I quickly wrote a song after dinner then headed over to my buddy Sparky's house (he played drums when we were in Jonathan Mann's band "back in the day") to record it.

The 29th was BSS night and we started work on our "My Favorite Monster" entry and got the basic tracks and a main vocal track done.

Wednesday I finished a song that Erin and I had written last Saturday and that I had done basic tracks for last Sunday morning. It's a silly little poppy rock song with synth along the lines of some other songs we've done before for Nur Ein like "Videoland" and "Watertight".

Then for my last song I wound up making a punky rocker and I was fortunate enough to have special guest drums by Ken and bass by Glenn Case. I think this turned out pretty good considering at 7pm I had no ideas and it was done by 11pm!

Overall I felt like I'm really happy with how the songs turned out this month. I made a lot more actual songs (vs instrumentals) than I ever thought I could. I think I feel a lot more comfortable now just sitting down and letting whatever happens happen. Plus I feel like I got a lot of good experience cranking out lyrics without throttling myself with criticism to the point of not getting anything done.
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