Promote your own ish

Discuss the many little competitions/projects that spring up amongst the Song Fight community.
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Promote your own ish

Post by GlennCase »

Hi all,

I don't know if there is a better thread for where you can promote the things you have completed, but I will go ahead and place this here. ... ik-brandon

I recorded 15-16 songs by 15-16 Puzzle for his birthday today. Many of the selections are songs from the Songfight archives, and there are even guest appearances from Mo Ouyang and Rachael Layne!

Happy birthday, Erik!

EDIT: I believe this brings me up to 5 albums this year If you count my Jamuary output on Bandcamp. Wow.
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Re: Promote your own ish

Post by ujnhunter »

Congrats on the 5 albums! That's great. We'll have to start calling you Glenn Gizzard The Lizard Wizard now or something... I do believe that the thread where we'd traditionally post stuff like this would be here: hey listen to my new song (thread), but I think this Promote your own ish thread is a cool idea for people to post their "non-music" related projects and such... i.e. I know some people here like to create artwork, or video games, or build electronics... etc... and that would be neat to have people post about the things they are working on here. I don't object to music related projects here either though. So people should just post away and show us what projects y'all are working on.
-Ujn Hunter
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Re: Promote your own ish

Post by BoffoYux »

That’s awesome you’re up to 5 albums this year! I keep threatening to master and release the BYD catalog, and perhaps a Christmas Pop Machine compilation this year. I’ve had a DistroKid account for 5 years. I should actually use it.
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