Gift of Music - COVID-19 Special Edition!

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Re: Gift of Music - COVID-19 Special Edition!

Post by neutronflow »

Chumpy wrote:
Fri Apr 24, 2020 9:41 pm
[*]01:17:23 - Tim Hinkle

Micah: "...I like his voice singing the Rush better than I like it singing the other part... that seemed very comfortable in his range like he was not straining..."
I'm glad the "Spirit of Radio" vocals don't sound strained. My voice feels a bit strained after I sing them. It probably wouldn't be a problem for me to record an entire song in that register, but I really wouldn't want to try to do a gig with all songs in that register, I'm not sure I'd make it through. Not that I was going out and doing gigs (before COVID-19, nobody can now, of course). I should probably be doing some kind of vocal exercises or something. I think I was a lot more comfortable in different parts of my range when I was singing in choirs.

I absolutely know what Micah means about basses who are "very invested in being basses." I don't think that's what I've got going on, but maybe it's harder to recognize in myself than in someone else? I feel like the last few years I've been trying to figure out what kind of range I can sing most (physically) comfortably in and getting (psychologically/artistically) comfortable with how I sound in whatever range that is. Listening back to recordings of myself from 20 years ago, I often sang comfortably in a higher register than I'm usually in today. I think I have tried to push too low on occasion as well. There's a particular fumbled low note in "Tearing History Down" which you guys noted in that song's podcast; Micah mentioned basses in choirs that time too:
Chumpy wrote:
Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:25 am
[*]Download or point your browser directly at the mp3
[*]00:57:23 - Tim Hinkle

Micah: " and all my other bass friends were very invested in singing bass as part of our identity."

Ryan: "...get a capo and modulate the song up a step or two..."
I didn't actually own a capo at that time. I bought one shortly after the podcast. Thanks, Ryan!
Micah: I don't know what his inspiration for including the Rush song as well, probably he just noticed that the chord progressions matched and probably he was like, oh, I bet glennny is gonna flip out...
I am definitely pleased that glennny flipped out... :D

I don't actually think the chord progression from the original version does match up with the Rush chords. In addition to Better Oblivion Community Center's studio version of "Dylan Thomas," I listened to their performance of the song from their NPR Tiny Desk concert quite a bit during the process of working out my own version. The studio version of the song fades out. The chords they ended with live inspired the way I started the song and those chords fit under "Spirit of Radio."

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Re: Gift of Music - COVID-19 Special Edition!

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Chumpy wrote:
Fri Apr 24, 2020 9:41 pm

As promised, here is our GOM podcast!

Here's the deal:
this was fun to listen to, great job jerks & micah.

I am a GBV fan but not a superfan so I wasn't familiar with "Dodging Invisible Rays" and I decided to do it in the last day so it was a quick thing. It's a cool song, was fun to learn.

Planning on taking part in the Gift of Music thing next time around and I've been working hard on my cover for the original flava deal.
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Re: Gift of Music - COVID-19 Special Edition!

Post by jb »

thanks for the kind words, fellas. the high stuff is just falsetto, untweaked!
blippity blop ya don’t stop heyyyyyyyyy
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