Song Fight! Poetry Slam... part II

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Drew Tetz
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Song Fight! Poetry Slam... part II

Post by Drew Tetz »

Alright, this went on around this time last year, and it was pretty fun, so I see no harm in resurrecting it:

Song Fight Spoken Word!

The idea is to take a fellow song fighter's song and do a Spoken Word "cover" of it. No real rules, no obligations, no deadline; just taking people's lyrics that you like and re-imagining them. They can be funny (Yook did a version of Duboce Triangle's "Alright, Alright" that was hilarious) or serious (Jim Tyrell's interpretation of Jonas's "On my Block" is pure brilliance), it's really whatever you want. You can throw in some background sound effects, play the bongos or snap like a beatnik, or just use lots of William Shatner-style pauses, whatever, just have fun with it. It's a fun project because it's flattering for the people who have their songs "covered" and because, really, who hasn't wanted to do a beat poet interpretation of Starfinger's "More than Soup"?

Anybody want to do this? It's not a hugely time-intensive project, and it's really a blast to do and to listen to, so I thought it would be a nice sidefight to resurrect. I threw up one of Jim's entries from the last fight as an example, but don't feel constrained to any particular style... hell, it'd be pretty funny to run the lyrics through Babelfish a few times before recording. No deadline, so the fight'll just run until everybody's sick of it and the thread gets pushed to the bottom of the page.

Just post links to anything you do. Hope some of you guys do it, I love stuff like this. In particular, I'd like to hear someone do an epic monologue version of add's "Across the Dusty Plains" and a hep coffeeshop rendition of Octothorpe's "Skyline". :)
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Re: Song Fight! Poetry Slam... part II

Post by reve »

Drew Tetz wrote:In particular, I'd like to hear ... a hep coffeeshop rendition of Octothorpe's "Skyline"
I'm on that.

Octothorpe's Skyline: ... kyline.mp3
-- reve mosquito.
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Post by jimtyrrell »

Quite a bit like my last one, but what the Hell.

<a href=" ... u.mp3">God Will Give You Blood To Drink</a>
<i>-lyrics by Kamakura</i>
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Post by HeuristicsInc »

yeah, that's great, i'd wanted to do one of these last time and didn't get around to it. will listen to these later.

ps well, i'm back.
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Post by Mac »

Since this is something I actually belived myself capable of doing I thought I'd give it a try.

So I did one on Hostess Mostess' Pasty White Man.

Turns out the technical stuff is harder than it looks. Tried cubase and almost smashed my screen when all it did was make me sound like a damned smurf.

So I just grabbed easy ol' goldwave and glued stuff together.(no fancy pancy editing.. who do you think I am? Front?)

I think I screwed up in a few places (on a god damn poetry slam.. how much do I suck?) and at the end I even dabbled in singing (if you can call it that.)

I got Hostess to give me the acapella version of the song, so he's doing the chorus in the reading here... didn't turn out like I wanted it, and some ideas I had had to be annuled due to my non-existant technical skills... so don't expect anything original.

but here it is.

Hostess Mostess'
Pasty White Man
Read by Mac
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Post by Mostess »

Mac wrote: Hostess Mostess'
Pasty White Man
Read by Mac
[snap snap snap snap snap]

Fun to hear. Thanks!
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Post by Kamakura »

jimtyrrell wrote:Quite a bit like my last one, but what the Hell.

<a href=" ... u.mp3">God Will Give You Blood To Drink</a>
<i>-lyrics by Kamakura</i>
wow :!:
I'm honoured. Thanks a lot Jim.
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