No Country For Old Men

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No Country For Old Men

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I've started reading this as a "beach" book, and it's really excellent. I've read another Cormac McCarthy book I really enjoyed (all the pretty horses...good book, meh movie). But I recently saw the Coen Brother's movie of the same name, and that inspired me to check out the book. Now I can't read the book without a predisposed image of Javier Bardem as Chigurh, or Tommy Lee Jones as the sheriff. The book goes into a bit more detail about the sheriff's backstory which the movie didn't cover, but otherwise, the movie is incredibly faithful to the book, and huge chunks of dialogue are verbatim from the book.

It's interesting reading this and seeing the film a couple times now, the movie is so PERFECTLY typecast i think. I can't see anyone else playing Chigurh other than Bardem. He owns that role and the oscar was really well deserved. I think the only other actor I could see playing the sheriff would be robert duvall. and josh brolin is pretty perfect as llewelyn. and the actress that played his wife, kelly macdonald, is incredible as carla jean. she's got a natural scottish accent (she was also in trainspotting) and covers it with an amazing southern texas accent. just a great movie, great acting, great directing, great writing.

and based on a pretty good book so far. :)
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