My wife is getting her poetry published!

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My wife is getting her poetry published!

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Hey Song Fighters!

Sorry to spam you all, but this is pretty big news around the casa de Eriq. You see, my wife Allyson has found an independent publisher/distributor for her first chapbook of poems, We're Smaller than We Think We Are. It's currently in pre-order status, and the publisher is going to determine how many to print based on how many copies are pre-ordered, so if you're interested in me and/or Allyson and/or good poems, and if you've got a spare $14.50, we'd really appreciate you placing an order before the pre-sale closes. The site says that the pre-order period ends tomorrow. In all probability, they'll keep the window open for a few more days, but still, act fast to make sure Allyson gets her due credit! ... ts_id=1613
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Re: My wife is getting her poetry published!

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Congrats! Little late I know, but still quite respectable! Not like those greedy pirates who do the self/print on demand stuff (looks at my wife), heh.
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