Chord progressions for songwriters - Richard j Scott

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Chord progressions for songwriters - Richard j Scott

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See subject.
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Re: Chord progressions for songwriters - Richard j Scott

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I believe you're on the wrong website here. You probably wanted to go to
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Re: Chord progressions for songwriters - Richard j Scott

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darricklucas wrote:See subject.
Yeah - don't do that darricklucas. I know you probably mean well, but it looks a bit spammy.

You have entered a song - so you are more than welcome here. This place is mostly about writing songs and talking about them. You have done that. You are one of us. I hope you stay to do that more.

Yes - there is a wider forum - but a large proportion of that consists of me and Billys Little Trip talking about our genitals. Not that more worthy discussions don't occur - they do - and I hope you stay to be a part of them.

But... I always though that starting pointless threads that everyone ignores was my job - and you are making me feel a little threatened.
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Re: Chord progressions for songwriters - Richard j Scott

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I wouldn't call this thread "pointless," but I agree that it's customary to actually, y'know, start a discussion of the book you're talking about, rather than use this subforum as a dumping ground for titles of books.

At the very least, a link to some description of the book and/or place to purchase it would have been nice. For instance: ... 0595263844

So, Darrick, what did you want to say about this book? Did you find it interesting? Educational? Enlightening? Inspirational? How does it compare with other books like it? What did you get out of it, and would you recommend it to others in the community?

I'm glancing at the "Look Inside" pages on Amazon, and not finding much new information, but it's likely that the actual good parts of the book are the ones that didn't get posted for free.
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Re: Chord progressions for songwriters - Richard j Scott

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This is the review page: ... D00PJ0RU1T

Here is an interesting two-star review by "Mark Twain999" of that book:
Far too many examples that just list the chord sequences of songs.
No Index so good luck on finding what you need.
There is almost no discussion about why a particular chord sequence works or the melody or rhythm context it is used in.
Some typical stuff on how to substitute chords and a few good sections here and there, but no depth.
A bunch of examples with none of them throughly worked through.
I prefer to get my progression information and evaluation from Frankie Big Face:

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