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Postby Lunkhead » Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:55 pm

We've been watching this lately and are a few episodes from finishing it. It got off to a really slow start, it felt like. Not enough action soon enough for me. And a lot of the "intellectual" dialogue just fell flat for me. The pace overall seems slow, like they're really stretching things out. But we're enjoying it OK overall.

My biggest gripe is about how sci-fi/comic book/etc. movies often have no internal consistency or logic around who can get hurt when, and who can get hurt when it is entirely at the service of the "plot" (such as it is). For example, and hopefully this isn't a spoiler but, there is a part in this show where a bad guy with no super powers falls like 20' and lands on his back over the top of a row of theater seats, and he's fine. He then gets thrown 30' head first into a support pillar, and again is fine. That is some bullshit! That guy should be dead or paralyzed at least, or in a coma or have a concussion. He's just a dude, not a super dude.

This bugged me in the latest Captain America too during the big hero vs hero fight scene. It really didn't seem to matter anymore if somebody had on a robot suit, was super human, or what, everybody was on equal footing going toe to toe until the plot demanded otherwise. I want to see a super hero movie where when somebody with super strength hits a normal person the normal person's body reacts more like a watermelon underneath Gallagher's sledgehammer. That seems like it would be a more realistic effect of a super punch...

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