How did you find out about Song Fight?

New Players stand up and be counted.
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How did you find out about Song Fight?

Word of mouth
Attack of the Show (the tv show, not the blog)
Nerdcore Rising
MC Frontalot's Blog
So You Think You're The Only One
No votes
Googled for song competitions
Googled for something else and it caught my eye
A link on a Song Fighter's Web site (list who in the thread please)
A link on some other Web site (list the site in the thread please)
Podcast (list which in the thread please)
Other (describe in the thread please)
Total votes: 154
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How did you find out about Song Fight?

Post by jb »

We have some new people around here, so I'm just wondering.

<b>Note:</b> Not looking for a long history, 'cause who wants to read that? Just a summary will do (like Niveous below), if you need to say more than a link or name.
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Post by Future Boy »

Through Frontalot's website.
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Post by Niveous »

I found Song Fight after being on the IUMA board for a few months. Being there made me long to find fellow soingwriters and a google search later I found Song Fight. I dug the concept. And then I heard MC Hawking's "What We Need More of Science" and G&R's "Need Stilts" and I knew this was the place I was looking for.
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Post by j$ »

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Post by feldspar »

Marcus Kellis's livejournal.

I'd heard of the site before, through Dumbrella, but I didn't really come check it out until I saw Marcus post a link to his "Look Good In Black" on his livejournal.

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Post by Leaf »

Hipcola told me about it, when he went by PinV, when he was heavily redcar.
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Post by fodroy »

i was on the toothpaste for dinner mailing list. he mentioned songfight! in one email. i checked it out. here i am.

this happened the week before "angry all over." (i think it was the first week of two fights.)
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Post by Caravan Ray »

Googled for song competitions
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Post by Paco Del Stinko »

I saw it mentioned several times on the AAD site which I had checked out after seeing it mentioned in musicians listings on Craigsist.
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Post by Mogosagatai »

Der Neuen Stenographen told me about it, long before he ever submitted music.
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Post by roymond »

Somesongs | songfights | covers
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Post by HeuristicsInc »

From Blind Mime, who I believe mentioned it in an email to the Tapegerm (private) mailing list a while back. However when he first mentioned it, it was in that state of suspension when the same title was up for months (the switchover to current FMs), and I forgot about it, then came back a while later on second mention by Blind Mime and found it active again ("unless i change my mind").

ps - evidently i once wrote some lyrics for "level best" so maybe that was when i found it? maybe

pps - what was the title that was up for a long time? "postcard"? i wrote some words for that too. maybe i came back a couple times!
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Post by deshead »

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Post by catch »

Frontalot, Master of Ceremonies.
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Post by Lunkhead »

From narbotic's site where he would do songs based on titles that people e-mailed him, or whatever the format was.
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Post by Bjam »

My Brother > Penny Arcade > Frontalot > Songfight.


Google "Free MP3s" > Somesongs > Songfight.
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Post by sausage boy »

Like Future Boy, I followed the Frontalot trail.

Like HeuristicsInc, I showed up in the change over.

Like feldspar, your stuck with me.
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Post by Plat »

I wanted to create a site where people submitted song titles, a title was voted on, and people wrote songs for that title. I explained it to a friend, who said "uh.. you mean like this?", pointing to songfight. So instead of wasting my time building a community from scratch, I joined this one! Woo haa!
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Post by WeaselSlayer »

Through Wigu.
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Post by Reist »

Dr. Spectacular's Power Circus entered their Adonai song ... I'm actually their drummer, but I was left out of the recording for that song (I was at school, apparently) and our guitarist and keyboardist did the drum tracks. They told everyone to go on and vote for them, so I checked it out, and I loved it. So now I am here.
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Post by john m »

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Post by Kill Me Sarah »

Other = I don't remember.

I was torn between "googling something else" and "link from some other website". I'm sure it was one of those two but I honestly don't remember

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