Purple Reign Poll - In Love

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Pick your favorite "In Love" submission that was sent to Purple Reign

Poll ended at Sun Dec 16, 2007 4:36 pm

Matt Brodeur
Timmy the Tapeworm
No votes
Chopped Liver Meat God
Total votes: 9
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Purple Reign Poll - In Love

Post by GlennCase »

Vote for your favorite "In Love" Purple Reign submission.

Feel free to talk about the songs in this thread until we're smart enough to create our own message board.

Votes will be tallied until roughly 11:59 PM (PST) on December 15th, 2007. The songs with the highest vote count from each title will be featured on purpletapes.com as the "voter's picks" on (or around) December 16th, 2007.

The compositions with the four highest vote counts will be featured on the purpletapes.com myspace account unless an artist that created one of the top four doesn't want it on Myspace.


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Post by Nigel (spOOn) Clements »

Matt Brodeur: Nice tone to your voice, but I'd suggest bringing the vocal up a touch, and maybe a minimal amount of reverb/echo in places, just to give a bit more body, nice emotional track! 7/10

Wages: Now this some extra intrumentation coming in after the first couple of bars, very similar to Matt Brodeur's track above, maybe lacking a touch of emotion, nice vocal tone as always 7/10

Timmy the Tapeworm: Umm! what was that? 17 seconds of noise!! kind of like Napalm Death, would have been better if you'd at least screamed "In Love" 4/10

Chopped Liver Meat God: Strange evocative piece, that has just enough preamble coupled with just enough drive to take the listener to the end, rather satisfying in it's bleakness and will capture my vote based on the ending. 7/10
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Post by j$ »

Matt Brodeur - oh that's a little quiet. Nice voice. Mix it up louder (the voice against the guitar, and the mix itself!) Nice mood piece. Oh sudden ending! Good song, can't really make out the words on first listen but it doesn't matter that much in terms of the overall ambience.

Wages - great jazzy guitar. I am not sure the vocal take is quite right for the tone of the piece. It's a bit all up front. The take itself is OK, but maybe lacking a little melody (by which I mean it's not catchy in a sing-a-long way that the guitar seems to suggest?)

CLMG - In terms of the other CLMG songs this makes a nice counterpoint, in terms of hearing itself alone, the song maybe isn't quite appealing enough, despite the very cool bass and guitar interplay. I thought I heard a low sweeling 'aah' building after the line 'anything like this?' which turned out to be my imagination but that would have been rgeat, just getting louder and louder until it swelled the music out of the picture to end. I like this a lot, and the lyric is good. I just really feels it needs something (be it my suggested vocal swell , or drums, or key change) at the point I mentioned. because otherwise the music justs gets going and stays at the same dynamic tempo and range until the end. That said it does sound good...

Three good songs, MB & Wages probably cancel each other out a little in terms of my listening spectrum, so while I was going to vote for Matt Brodeur, but I think in retrospect I will vote for CLMG in terms of the good idea behind the song, pretty well realised, and because G'n'G songs aren't my bag.
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Post by Wages »

<b>Wages (me!) - </b> This would have been a lounge song if I could play keyboard (and had one), but its definitely VERY fun to sing. I'm happy with the jazzy style. This tune was with capo at 5th (part of the capo experiment). 8/10

<b>Chopped Liver Meat God - </b> I like some of the guitar, but other parts not so much. Vocals are not your best, not your worst. 6/10

<b>Matt Brodeur - </b> At times Eagles-ish, other times, I can't really say. But, nice mood.. could really benefit from a full band. Voice is solid. 7/10

<b>Timmy the Tapeworm - </b> Uggg.. but yet, your best one. 1/10

My vote goes to Matt Brodeur. Good job my man!
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Post by Niveous »

"In Love" Reviews

Matt Brodeur: The guitar has got a wonderful tone to it. The flow of the song is awkward with it's long sustained notes. I wish there were fewer of those. The song is much stronger at the chorus, so by the end the song ended up pretty enjoyable. Needs a better ending.

Wages: "Don't hold back!" Nice feeling in the delivery but you have to watch for sour notes when you put that much in. Lacks a hook.

Timmy the Tapeworm: I like the build at the end but it didn't lead to anything. Too short to become anything substantial.

CLMG: I'm not a big fan of talking over the track. Henry Rollins can pull that off. Not everyone can. This is an experiment. I can appreciate the experiment but it didn't pay off. By the end, I was digging some of the guitar stuff.

Vote goes to: Matt Brodeur
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Post by mattb5 »

Wow, this is the first chance I've had to get back and check this forum out since submitting the song. Thank you so much for all the awesome feedback. This really inspires me.

I was really surprised to see so many compliments on the vocals. That's something I'm really not that confident in. I enjoy singing a good song, but don't ever claim to be any good at it. I sang a few songs in my cover band a few years ago, but when I did I was much more comfortable when at least our strong female lead singer would be backing me up. Made me sound better. hahaha

This whole song was conceived, written and recorded in probably about 45 min. I was trying to think from the perspective of a young 18-20 yr old in love for the first time but not sure.

It's a little quiet since the kids were sleeping in the other room. It's just my Yamaha acoustic guitar in front of a $1.99 computer mic-on-a-stick into the laptop mic jack and the vocals are the same. Direct into Audacity. I usually play around and add some chorus to the guitar and some delay on the vocals and try to get a good balance/mix between the two, but it was close to the end of the month and I just wanted to get something submitted. It's really just a scratch track. It's too short. I wanted to at least put in some sort of instrumental section in the middle, but I was happy to just have a song finished.

I had also been working on another song for My Love Is Forever. But I really felt that one needed a bridge or something in the middle that I never finished. Can I still submit it now? :) Now that I know how much positive feedback this has garnered I'm really excited about this whole thing.

I really love this input. This reminds me of a songwriters' group I was in in the mid 90's. We would all meet in a back room at the local college radio station with our acoustic guitar and a boombox. We'd set up a wall of everyone's boomboxes and we'd all hit record and take turns sitting down in front of the boomboxes and play our song for the month. Then the next month we'd return with critiques of everyone's songs and do it all again. It was an awesome time and I was really sad when it kind of fizzled out. I really needed that motivation to sit down and get something written. It would usually be the day before we met or the few hours before. hahaha

I've been thinking for a long time about getting together something like that on-line. Now thanks to the Internet it doesn't even need to be local. Then I stumbled upon the Purple Reign project and in turn the SongFight thing. I'm really hoping to be able to devote some time to this and get back into songwriting. Thank you so much.

Wages: I love the blue jeans pocket line. That line just sings. Can't help but visualize a pair of jeans.
I can definitely hear that this is a song that you had more music going on in your head than is recorded. It's like listening to a John Hiatt song. Then [CENSORED] or someone will flesh it out and own it. For me, it doesn't quite work as an acoustic song, but I can hear the potential of having it beefed up with a full band. I'm not sure what direction I'd go with it, but the lounge idea sounds as good as any.
The guitar really popped on the 2nd verse when it kicked in in stereo or something. Nice tone. I like the arpeggiation.

Timmy: Sorry, I clicked on the first few seconds and though I had a codec problem or something. Was that the intended "song"? All I'm hearing is digital static.

Chopped: Very strangely moody piece. Not too sure about this on the first couple of listens. Reminds me of Zappa or something experimental. The inflections and effects on the vocals are tugging at some memory of something I heard on Dr Demento years ago, but I can't place it. Maybe Barnes and Barnes or Kip Addotta.
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Post by Paco Del Stinko »

I voted for Matt.
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Post by Lord of Oats »

Oh boy, running out of steam.

Matt Brodeur - This is nice. Flows nicely. Good job for a "scratch recording," man. Ends just before I lose interest. But I don't need to vote for it. It's going to win, anyway.

Wages - Yeah, I like this alright. I think this does need a band. Reminds me of some good 90s rock. Did you send me a demo of this? Why didn't I pick this up? I almost want to, even now. Good performance from you.

Chopped Liver Meat God - This was weird. What was I going for, here?

I was initially going to vote for Matt, strategically, to keep CLMG from winning. I was a little miffed that my best song was fighting valiantly and losing, and that what I thought, at the time, was my worst song, was kicking ass over here. Of course, things have changed since then. Now the reality of losing on every title is coming down hard. I could still totally destroy the possibility of my victory by casting that vote, but I don't think it's necessary. And the best I could do for myself, playing the selfish dick card, would be to maybe create a tie. I'm not really sure what to do here. I like all three of these songs, but they're so different. The title was wide open. I think I'll throw my hands up in the air and vote for Wages. That might be the best one, actually, though it's hard to say.
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