Purple Reign 2 - Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?

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Kick the Fat Kid
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Purple Reign 2 - Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?

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Kick The Fat Kid – (me on bass, guitars and backing vox.). heh. I like punky assault, me. I tried to mix this like it was recorded on a boom-box in a rehearsal studio, so apologies to your ears in advance.

Wages – Nice bluesy riff. A little bit ‘pastiche’ in the vocal delivery but gets a little waily as the song progresses. Heh - arbitrary swearing always goes down well with me ... I feel the lyric is cute but doesn’t really go anywhere / pay-off. Overall runs out of steam about half-way through, and not even ‘passionate’ vocalisms (nb if you’re gonna do ‘wa-hoos’ try not to make them so eaye-burstingly sharp) can really keep my interest up by the end.
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Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? Reviews

Kick the Fat Kid: Punk. This song screams out "recorded on the floor in a dirty club bathroom stall and we like it that way". It's punk, relentless and uncompromising. It is what it is. Though there are some melodic parts in there that threw me off.

Wages: Finally, you have made the jump to country. From now on, you are Hank Wages III from Bell Buckle, Tennessee. And that woo-hoo towards the end cemented it. This was not your best showing as it was highly forgettable.

This one goes to KTFK.
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Kick the Fat Kid: Massive scratchy guitar! If there is one thing I love over all else, and j$ probably knows this only too well, it is loud gnarly axe work. It does have a very bedroom punk feel, which is excellent. I can see this played on a stage, with bottles and sweat being flung about the place.

Wages: I like some of the guitar in this. It has intense blues explosions (heh, Blues Explosion!) but it falters in a couple of places that just puts the whole thing out.
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