Purple Reign 2 - With You

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Which entry is your favorite?

Mr B & Mr C
Wages feat. Barry Bacon
Chopped Liver Meat God
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Purple Reign 2 - With You

Post by GlennCase » Mon Dec 31, 2007 6:09 pm

Pick your favorite.
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Post by j$ » Wed Jan 02, 2008 5:41 am

Mr B & Mr C – Good funky bass and squalling guitar (though it’s a bit indulgent and wanky, and a little loud in the mix for what it is). Good drums too. Probably could have done with another verse rather than repeating the punchline verse twice. I like it.

Wages feat. Barry Bacon – this is a nice tune. Vocal sounds very good, nice and warm, though the backing vocals aren’t sounding good, ugly in their lack of proximity to the chords, and it messes up the mood you’re creating, distracts from the tune badly. Some timing / recording issues that are spoilers as well. Overall nice though.

CLRG – nice bumpy bass. That’s cool. Arpeggio synth has a very nice tone although what it’s playing is only OK. Maybe the drum machine pattern is a bit basic and involving. Heh, nice clarinet (?) patch. It all sounds very square – maybe more reverb on the individual parts to take the edge of the synthiness. The vocal is very quiet but sounds good and fragile, so it may well be that it’s a suitable thing. Oh nice guitar (or is it distorted keyboard?) at 2.00ish. I like this a lot but my worry is when I think of it tomorrow all I will remember is the thudding, unfunky drum pattern. I hope not. Abrupt ending is the only way to end this, so bonus points for that.

Not sure who to vote for here – three good songs in their own ways. I will think on.
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Post by sausage boy » Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:13 pm

Mr B & Mr C: Cool bass sound. More squealy guitar too, awesome. Singer clearly needs to look at his relationship with women, though.

Wages feat. Barry Bacon: More cool bass! Wait, is this more tit talk? I need some leverage to escape your tits? I think now I am taking this song in completely the wrong way.

Chopped Liver Meat God: The basic beat is good, though I think the bass could do with a little more thought (Pot kettle!). The whole song fits together well, and the instruments are used appropriately, but the never changing drum beat kind of mesmerises and over rides the whole song.
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