24/11/16: American Thanksgiving Holiday

Complain about your schedule. Apparently people like that sort of thing.
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Caravan Ray
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24/11/16: American Thanksgiving Holiday

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I just bought a new guitar

{EDIT: I added Holiday context to the thread title-- JB}
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Paco Del Stinko
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Re: 24/11/16: American Thanksgiving Holiday

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Very nice! Those are Australian nafe, right? Did I see Pepper with one? Looking forward to hearing it.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.
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Rone Rivendale
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Re: 24/11/16: American Thanksgiving Holiday

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone who is celebrating. <3
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Twilight Sparkle
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Re: 24/11/16: American Thanksgiving Holiday

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I'm thankful I have a hobby, and it's not trolling my sister on Twitter, which is my brother's hobby. Nothing like family drama on Thanksgiving.
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Billy's Little Trip
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Re: 24/11/16: American Thanksgiving Holiday

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Happy late Thanksgiving. What's it like to make music? I forget. :P

Looks like my Yamaha, CR. Can't wait to hear CR unplugged. I probably have heard you unplugged, but I suffer from CRS.
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