Gran Turismo 5

I beat Gyruss once.
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Gran Turismo 5

Post by fluffy » Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:17 pm

I don't normally go for racing sims, but holy cats is Gran Turismo 5 great! It has all sorts of different class of vehicle (everyday street cars, go-karts, formula 1 racers, NASCAR stock cars, concept cars, not-yet-widely-available things like the Tesla Roadster) and lots and lots of tracks and weather options (rain! snow! mud!) and amazing graphics and pretty good 3D support, and if you have an Eye it'll even do head-tracking parallax stuff.

Like GT4 there's a license system which you can do, but in GT5 you can skip it and just get experience in actual races which is just as good (although I suspect that passing the license courses gives you more stuff).

Oh, and you can drive on the Top Gear test track. If that's your thing.

It also has a hilariously-badly-animated Zombie Jeff Gordon* who teaches you how to draft.

*not actually a zombie, he's just deep in the uncanny valley
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