The New Ugly podcast episode 6 - Nur Ein XII round 5

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The New Ugly podcast episode 6 - Nur Ein XII round 5

Post by Manhattan Glutton »

A little tighter this week, a little more sober, a little... more quickly edited & published this week. Have a delightful and safe Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!

This is Ben reacting to Skub's song:
If I had a dollar for every one of my songs j$ has called a 90s pastiche, I'd have $1 for every song I've written.

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Re: The New Ugly podcast episode 6 - Nur Ein XII round 5

Post by iVeg »

I stopped listening to the New Ugly after I was eliminated. Because Mike mentioned he listened to "Elevator Men", I thought, "Ok. I'll listen to that podcast." So I listened, and enjoyed it. And at the end, I was shocked to hear my song. So I went back to "A Sense of the Absurd" and listened to the end of that. Shocked again. And a little disturbed because I heard you mention this girl's name. So I went back to "Regime Change." Listened to the end of that.

I could not write "Regime Change", and my friends who record were booked/ too busy. Since I was already out, I figured "I'll just change the name of the song." So I made up this story...

I had no idea anyone had listened to it. No idea about your response. There are many girls named Regina Chang. I don't think I know any of them. Thanks for your comments. I'm so glad you enjoyed the song.
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Re: The New Ugly podcast episode 6 - Nur Ein XII round 5

Post by glennny »

Mike and Ben,

I love the podcast! I'm only halfway through. Mike, you're driving me nuts.
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Okay, that's off my chest. I'm going to go back and listen to the best podcast since "Mike and Tom Eat Snacks".
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