The New Ugly podcast episode 8 - Nur Ein XII round 7

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The New Ugly podcast episode 8 - Nur Ein XII round 7

Post by Manhattan Glutton »

Better late than never! I've been coming off a 3 week cold. It's a straight-to-the-point final round bonanza!

Get it from iTunes or the web site!. Remember to subscribe and give us a rating.

We're gonna take a week or so to figure out where to go from here. Our survey results were fairly split. Whatever we do, we'll make the title/description explicit as to what's happening.
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Re: The New Ugly podcast episode 8 - Nur Ein XII round 7

Post by iVeg »

Glad you're feeling better, Mike.
I wondered how you were going to fill the time. I enjoyed the flashbacks to the previous #1 songs, and the recap of the season. Corgi half time show was mostly annoying.
It was interesting to hear Ben explain his final judgments. I made different choices, so it was good to have a different opinion.
I enjoyed most of the shows. I didn't enjoy sucking. Hearing feedback [positive or negative] is different than reading it.
I listened to the rounds out of order 0, 1, 2, 5, 4, 3, 6, 7... so my listening experience and emotional response was different than people who listened straight 0-7.
Thanks for listening to my Ohne Ruhm songs, and re-mixing "Elevator Men".
My favorite part is R3, of course. Mike and Ben laughing because I didn't even get the "Regime Change" MP3 tag right... :D
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