Nur Ein XIV Round Five "Where The Streets Have No Name"

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Re: Nur Ein XIV Round Five "Where The Streets Have No Name"

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iVeg wrote:
Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:24 pm
Sunday Colors: Did anyone catch that your song is about a failed suicide attempt, and the aftermath of living with the visible gunshot wound to the head/ [face?]? I think they missed it.
I didn't mind that most people missed it, but I was excited to read your post all the same! I imagined my song as the story of Sean from the novel Wolf in White Van. The percussion that Chumpy noticed at the 4:00 mark is a heavily distorted clip of the burst from a Marlin 39A.

Thanks everyone for the kind and constructive comments! I was initially disappointed with my submission due to the production quality, so the feedback has meant a lot.
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Re: Nur Ein XIV Round Five "Where The Streets Have No Name"

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Random order. I haven’t had a lot of time to read the comments this week, so sorry if I say something that has already been addressed!

Merisan: I really like the groove this has going throughout. The chorus is really great- reminds me a bit of sting (shape of my heart). This sounds good, but you can’t hear the voice at all. It’s easier during the chorus when you multi track the vocals, but it’s still hard. Maybe if Erin had been there it would cut through better, but as it is you have so many low frequencies that they crowd out the laid back sound of sams voice. I’d love to hear a Version of this with the vocals higher in the mix. In general, a good song, but I can’t hear the backwards story.

Lichen throat: your diction has really come a long way! I can understand about every word. I like the drums you used, and i like the different texture of sounds you used. The vocals are sounding good, and can improve as always. I would recommend practicing the song a little slower before recording to really get a handle on where each note is going. Good job!

Agony Sauce: I love how the story is backwards by virtue of each line. The sample sounds great, your vocals sound great, I just really like this song. Something about it reminds me of Richard Cory by S&G.

Grumpy Mike: I like your sound a lot, particularly how well balanced your songs always are. I like this song for its sound and how it evokes thoughts of fantasy, but I really have a hard time understanding the story, front or back.

Max Bombast: this one sounds great!! I LOVE the ooooohs you have going on- it’s a really beautiful tone you have. Part of why I like this song so much is that it doesn’t sound exactly like the other ones you put out- some about how you deliver the notes and words is different. It might just be the slower tempo, but your words are less rushed, and it feels like you’re giving each note more care. Cool story. Love the post apocalyptic scenario.

Faster Jackelope: I like your voice, glennny! I don’t know why you get so down on it. I like the story, but I want there to be more of it. Needs one more verse. The vocal fade out while the instruments kept going was a pretty cool effect, like the guy is fading away but the world goes ever on. I might steal that effect in the future....

Rachael Layne: this makes me smile every time. Love that back And forth synth on wrong place wrong time... the story is understandable, and somewhat interesting, but this some to me is about the arrangement and your voice.

Bss: I like the use of Greek mythology for the story; it works out well, and makes a cool narrative. The music is good, and I like the vocalist. I like the intro, and the bass line is really great, but in general, i don’t find this exceedingly memorable. I like the vibraphone that comes in and out.

Vowl Sounds: What a twist! Holy cow! You do such an amazing job weaving the themes in and out, especially the references to the previous songs. The vocals on Stop the World give me chills EVERY TIME. HOLY COW this song is good. That Love/evol (which I always heard as evil) thing is great. The backwards vocals and their panning is great, and I fully intend to pop this into audacity to flip it around. This song is chock full of amazing stuff, like how the song references go back, the sonic texture, the impeccable singing, and the back up vocals. Not surprised you won. Excellent work.
(Have I mentioned i love your voice?)

Sunday Colors: this is a really lovely sound. I really love when you multitrack the vocals, and when you start vocalizing. The sound you have matches the melancholic story really well, which sound like a suicide? Hard to tell. The bass at the end really ramps up the energy. This story is interesting but I feel like yes referring to a well know story I don’t know.

Rain watt: I like this song, it’s sweet, and makes me feel loved, and I totally identify with the animosity against boxes full of stuff. Again, not your most memorable song, but I’m really glad you’re still in!

Iveg: I can’t open the file on my phone, but I remember enjoying your song at the listening party! Particularly the German.
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Re: Nur Ein XIV Round Five "Where The Streets Have No Name"

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Agony Sauce—The intro immediately grabs my attention. I’m not sure the backing vocals add a lot, but the lead vocal is good. I like the vocal melody. Overall this is a good song—perhaps my favorite of your entries in this Nur Ein.

Berkeley Social Scene—The guitars sound good throughout the song; I really like the solo. The vocal melody seems a little bland, however, except in the bridge. Good mixing job.

Grumpy Mike—I’m having trouble getting past the weird rhythm; paired with the heavy guitar sound, it makes the song a little inaccessible. I very much like your lyrical take, and the melody in the chorus is good.

Max Bombast—I think this would benefit from another instrument, even though I know the drum-bass-vocal sound is your trademark. Very technically proficient—your falsetto notes are so pure.

Merisan—I typically dislike languid-sounding songs like this, but this one is all right. I like the lyrics. I can imagine this being used very effectively as part of a film soundtrack. Repeated listens have improved my opinion.

Rachael Layne—I like the main parts of the verses more than the portion with the song title. I also like the long-held high vocal notes. I’m not sure how to classify this, but it’s a fun song. I like how you’ve paired electronic sounds with a more traditional rock vocal style.

Rain Watt—This isn’t particularly memorable, but it’s very good. This gives me the impression of being one of the lesser known, but still enjoyable, songs on an album that is excellent all the way through. Good arrangement.

Vowl Sounds—This is very impressive. I got a little chill just now listening to it (like several other listeners, apparently). Your win this week was well-deserved.

Faster Jackalope—I like the lyrics. I might have preferred a more restrained vocal performance, however. I have to admit that I didn’t like this much at first, but it my appreciation for it has increased with every listen, to the point that my overall opinion is now solidly positive. I like the vocal melody in the chorus.

Inflatable Vegetables—This is fun. You’ve done a good job applying effects on the vocal to establish the atmosphere, but without making it sound too weird.

Lichen Throat (me)—I had envisioned this as sadder and more sinister than it turned out to be. I’m not sure why my voice sounds so prominently off-key here; I’ve been recovering from a cold for a couple weeks, but last week’s vocal didn’t sound as weird as this. I even, for the first time, ran my vocal through Melodyne, but it didn’t seem to help much.

The Sunday Colors—I’ve liked your music a lot, and this is no exception. Your songwriting is excellent. Thumbs up on this one; I wish you hadn’t been eliminated last week.
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