Nur Ein XVI: General Discussion Thread

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Re: Nur Ein XVI

Post by ken »

My memory isn't great, but here is what I can figure out:

I: as Ken Mahru
II: Judge??
III: as Ken Mahru
IV: with Tiny Robots
V: with Berkeley Social Scene
VI: part of Worldly Self Assurance???
VII: part of Worldly Self Assurance???
VIII: as Ken Mahru
IX: as Ken Mahru
X: as Ken Mahru
XI: as Ken Mahru
XII: with Berkeley Social Scene
XIII: with Berkeley Social Scene and Swampy Nethers
XIV: with Berkeley Social Scene
XV: as Ken Mahru
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Re: Nur Ein XVI

Post by BoffoYux »

Since there's a list going on for completeness, here's the BYD list of groups and contributions, etc. for Nur Ein.

NE6 - 3 Songs, plus 2 songs under Pop Machine
NE7 - 3 Songs - plus co-wrote 'Unexpected Guest' with Chris Cogott - 1 Song
NE8 - 4 Songs
NE9 - 2 Songs
NE10 - 2 Songs
NE11 - 2 Songs plus guest vocals on DJ Ranger Den's 'Walking on Eggshells' - 1 song
NE12 - 2 Songs
NE13 - 3 Songs
NE14 - 3 Songs
NE15 - 1 Song plus guest vocals on Max Bombast's 'Rear Window' - 1 song

Total = 30 songs over 10 years
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Re: Nur Ein XVI: General Discussion Thread

Post by ujnhunter »

I think I've only been in 3... III, IV &... XIV. Pretty sure I was submitting to Nur Ein III before I ever submitted to Song Fight! proper. I went from a cover Side Fight, to Nur Ein III to Song Fight! heh.
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Re: Nur Ein XVI: General Discussion Thread

Post by crumpart »

NE15: Eliminated Round Zero. Seven shadows. Eight songs total.

Re-recorded vox for one of those shadows yesterday, because it's a good song, dammit.
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