Nur Ein II Round Zero "Let Me In"

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Re: Nur Ein II Round Zero "Let Me In"

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Niveous wrote:
Fri Apr 27, 2007 9:59 am
Welcome to Nur Ein: Round Zero

This is an open round of the Nur Ein to determine the 25 entrants into the big battle. This round will appear only on the forum and will not appear on the Nur Ein website.

Title: "Let Me In"
Due Date: May 2nd at 1PM EST
Non-optional Challenge: Unconventional Percussion
Send a link to your completed song to

Make your percussion acoustically with things that aren't usually used for percussion. Put away your drums, tambourines, cymbals, triangles, cowbell, etc. and remember we did the hand claps thing last year.

There will be no immunity granted to the creator of the top song of this round.

You can't bang a gong but still let's get it on. Nur Ein!

Clarification- There can be conventional percussion in the song but there has to be some significant use of non-conventional percussion.

(5/3/2007 UPDATE)

Here are the songs:

Title: "Let Me In"


Balance Lost/Balance Regained

The BeWells

Billy's Little Trip

The Bovine Recyclery

Bryan Kandel


Cynthia Size and the @eclectic sp00ns

Frankie Big Face

Ice 9

Jim Tyrrell

Jolly Roger

Marcus Kellis

MC Eric B


Mico Suadad

Mr. Lostman

Paco Del Stinko


Rabid Garfunkel

Ross Durand

Sausage Boy


Steve Durand

Tex Beaumont and the Dirty Hearts

Thank Glennny For The Frisbee



<a href="">STREAM ALL</a>

Please note- Luke Henley's band is called ";)" but that doesn't make for good html.
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Re: Nur Ein II Round Zero "Let Me In"

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Because you had used lightningmp3 which no longer exists.
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