Ampled - music only coop Patreon alternative

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Ampled - music only coop Patreon alternative

Post by Lunkhead »

Today I learned about this musician patronage cooperative. Jonathan Mann is moving there, away from Patreon. To support an artist you have to pledge a minimum of $3/month, plus, supporters pay all transaction fees, which are, $0.30 + 2.9%. (So $3/month support winds up costing you $3.40/month, for example.) They are private and for-profit but cooperatively owned, and managed, to some degree. Artists can become artist-owners if they get 10 monthly supporters. Apparently creators have been fearing that Patreon was going to be pushed by their investors to ruin everything. I don't think that's happened yet? But I'm all for there being many options and models in the patronage space, and the coop element resonates with me from my time in Berkeley. (My favorite pizza there is from a coop!)
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Re: Ampled - music only coop Patreon alternative

Post by fluffy »

Hmm, interesting. I wonder how that compares with bandcamp's "subscription" patronage system, which has been available for a while now.

Patreon is pretty terrible as a platform but unfortunately anything I use would need to be broader than just music. If I ever try doing the crowdfunded freelance thing again I'll probably go with Ko-Fi's offering, especially if their API is flexible enough to let me integrate it directly with my website.
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