BandCamp IRL (record store)

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BandCamp IRL (record store)

Post by Lunkhead »

BandCamp just announced they're opening an actual in-real-life record store!! ... -february/
We’ll feature a selection of records that showcase the diversity and design of the more than five million albums available on Bandcamp, and we’ll soon host free, all-ages shows as part of an upcoming video series.
Remember when digital music services killed record stores? Except I guess they really only killed CD stores. Record stores stayed cool. Now digital music services aren't cool, so, to be cool, they're opening record stores. The music industry is crazy!

Anyway, joking aside, I think it's neat. It's actually two blocks from where I work too (though for some reason they failed to shout out Pandora as one of their neighbors :/ ) so I'll check it out and let y'all know if I see any of your albums there.

What do you think about it?
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Re: BandCamp IRL (record store)

Post by vowlvom »

That's pretty cool! I hope it works out for them, I love Bandcamp.
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Re: BandCamp IRL (record store)

Post by ken »

Very cool. While you are there, see if they want to host a songfight live show in their performance space!
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Re: BandCamp IRL (record store)

Post by fluffy »

Bandcamp just keeps getting better and better.
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