Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

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Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by Smalltown Mike »

Insert joke about size here.
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by Leaf »

How about the size of reviews? lol.

As a cliche, bitching about the lack of reviews is something I recall from my songfight days of long ago, but damn it this is ridiculous. I'm gonna have to step up my game, truly for temporary reasons, but damn it, it's needed.

I guess I'll have to wait for the songs to be posted before I get too judgey about it in this thread though eh. Woo!

I for one enjoyed reviewing last week, and look forward to this upcoming event that Gert has so graciously entered...another entertaining and surprising session. There is a certain ... thrill to hearing a song as an acoustic guitar track , drumming on it, and then hearing back all this crazy stuff for the first time as if you played in the room with it!! So cool.

I think I may (big surprise here) really get into a ton of detail, ridiculous detail for this fight... yeah...yeah, in the spirit of "seems like a little too much" I shall reflect my enjoyment and appreciation (or lack there of) for this fight by the size of my review. I fully intend to enjoy the process.

First, some guessing reviews in anticipation of the upcoming bout, and what I am expecting:

Bot Sever: LOVE your band name, fits the classic rock/techno viking jam your music evokes with a striking piano intro followed by a parody of one of the worst lines you are ever forced to sing in a cover band... "let's take those old dvd's out of the jewel case, I like it when you techno dance all over the place, they say those 140 bpm arpeggios lack the soul, seems like a little too much is packed in the bowl". Well done with a solid entry for your first songfight ever. Fantastic use of accordion, I was so desperate for accordion in this fight and was worried it would end up lacking. Thank you for that, I feel like my need for accordion has been sated.

Belly Fartado:
Not a fan. Mostly pissed you stopped using your main drummer for years after you got famous. I went to school with Adrian, and while he wouldn't likely give me the time of day or remember who I am, he as a damn fine player and an inspiration to watch! You won't find many long hairs with that much ability then sit back and gently caress the skins. The man had touch, and you stink.

Brush: Very progressive sound. Is this Rush? Is this Bush? Is this the Breakfast Club Soundtrack? The answer couldn't be more strange, and yet startling. Brush is all three. I find your take on "Seems like a little too much" a bit bland. Yes, singing about overspicing food on Chopped might seem like an interesting take, but you forgot the golden rule; rest your meat for as long as you cooked it. You might be the breakthrough artist of the internet today, but tomorrow that meat is bloody and tough to cut. Seems like you forgot your own seasoning, and shame on you for that. SHAME. Toss this one in the bin.

You know, I'm starting to re-think this reviewing strategy. Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong. Yep. Can't even put enough detail into fake reviews (shock! surprise! ) .. .how the hell will I do that when the actual music is posted?

So. Back to the review-style drawing board. Take your time SF, I'm not ready to review yet.
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by Lunkhead »

Gert: No offense to Smalltown Mike, but, if you've got Boltoph singing, how tf do you not have Boltoph sing lead?!!! :P Or am I mistaken, is that somebody else singing backup in the first couple minutes? Anyway, I really enjoy the musicianship and production in your song, regardless.
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by tonetripper »

We all take the reigns at some point in Gert to do lead vocals. It's an organic on line collaboration in many respects. Trying to organize the parts in such a short span sometimes it just grows that way due to time and how ideas shape out. I agree THC has magical ways of tying it all together on the mixing front. B's voice is killer but so is everybody's in Gert. Thanks for the love in comments Lunky!
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by Paco Del Stinko »

Astromech - Nice straddlling between metal and melodic, not that they are necessarily two seperate things. I was relieved that it didn't contain monster vocals. Good length too, not overstaying its welcome although it might've been better ending in the main key.

Berkeley Social Scene - Easy-going and cool. Organ is a great touch but I'm itching to hear some soft, airy, backing oo or aah vocals. And what, no loopy Glennny solo: inconceivable! There is a sunny vibe here that keeps it from being mopey although some of the lyrics are darkish, sorta.

Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints - Love the rubbery DEVO synth to start. Of course I do. J$ vocals fit so well over this, it all feels so regular. I mean that as praise, not in the it's mundane vein. Little goofy, but I am certainly fine with that.

EDGE STREET BOYZ - I can't say that I could do something like this any better, but I bet that you can if you keep working at it. Some of the electronic rhythm has nice pulse, but the vocals are too self conscious and read from paper sounding. Too much long too.

Gert - Amazing that this is recorded cross continentally, nobody would ever know if they didn't, uh, know. Anyway, clear, articulate, melodic, groovy, clouds soaring past in high speed time the more psychedelic approach you guys are taking with these latest entries, as I still have Gert as a heavier outfit etched in my mind. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Or this, for that matter.

Glenn Case - Sneaky fretless sound there lurching under the verses adds to the moodiness of them. Nice transition into the lighter, melodically, choruses which still have some muscle via the stepping chord changes. Very moody song, but I dig it, perhaps even more, for being so.

The Grim
- The high vocal is great support for the main vocal, very welcome. Would love to hear some overlapping vocals as well. I like the song better when it gets a little meaner near the halfway point. More of the feel comes through I think. A lite bridge might've been fun, but good work.

Hardmonica - Nice. 80s club rock dragged through to the present. Don't know if that's what you intended, but works for me. I want it to take off a bit, or perhaps be a couple of BPM faster, but maybe thats part of its appeal, a pleasant uneasiness. Nice textures going on throughout, very enjoyable.

Hillbilly - You always have a genuine feel, and often, as here, I wait for the loud crack of a snare and the rest of the band to come in. But I get it, if that's all there is to be said then say no more. Lead noodling is a bit off, but total feel here.

Jeff DeSantis - Hate to drop names, but it's like Lucinda Williams playing with Cracker. Works for me. Great mood here, nice lyrics and tone set. Just the right amount of instrumentation and supporting vocals. Drums are tastily arranged as well. I really dig this song and the leave you wanting to hear it again ending. Very nice work.

Jerkatorium - Very busy without being manic. I feel like the choruses should soar higher somehow, but they are effective regardless and I lke the breather afterwards with the la-las etc. These sell better than the choruses, I think. Whiffs of TMBG w/o ripping them off. I like the guitar solo, but it lacks the punch of the vocal sections.

Micah Sommersmith - I like this better as it goes. It starts to feel more organic or something. The accordian is great and does not overstay its welcome. It might be my ears but the backing vocals sound a bit...suspect at times. I really dig this tune and wouldn't cry if it were 5 BPM faster. Still, good job.

The Overambitious - Sounds like you're being very personal with someone albeit in a very big cave. Nice "modern" music that wouldn't be out of place as part of the soundtrack to a movie with love stuff going on. Heh. Love stuff. I'm an idiot. Nice atmospherics, good arrangement

Paco del Stinko - As stated, a Cars inspired tune. I thought I might have a chance to win this fight, but not after hearing the other entries. Goofy, too dense at times, I'm still pretty pleased with the way it ended up and think it's my best tune of 2016 so far.

Stevierock - Oo! First chords made me think KISS. Then not. But maybe nearly as fun. Good times singing along in the car rock, very easy to digest and enjoy. Melodies are nice and the full guitar sections work well but the drums are key here as well, sort of secretly. Good work all around.

toby roktot
- Very personal approach and perhaps wise to drop the drum machine this week. Nice how it doubles up mid-way. I can hear the full instrumentaion in my head, but this works as is. Some good lyrical imagery and play as well. I like the return at the end too.
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by thehipcola »

Lunkhead - I'll just add that to understand you have to try singing backups over Smalltown's vox - it's a treat in itself. :) Thanks for the comments. No doubt Rich is a monster singer though - his album is a mainstay in our house.

Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by hillbilly »

stink---( I wait for the loud crack of a snare and the rest of the band to come in.) when wife and I split, I moved to a handy man special without good locking doors. Living room was a jam room, amps and an old Peavey tube 200 watt rms pa head, 8 input, pushing Fender 4/10s and a horn cabinets. They had a white stripe on the left side. Can't find another set, have been looking. After work I would go home and my driveway would be full of unexpected musicians jamming in my den. Sounds like fun but it gets old. I mean from time to time I had plans and did not want the company. That is what happened to my band.
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by Paco Del Stinko »

Billy - Yeah , I imagine that lifestyle would be fun for, like, a summer when you were 18. But tiresome quickly. One of these days Ill cover one of your songs. Heh.
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by Paco Del Stinko »

By the way, LOVE the cover art!
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by hillbilly »

really like a bunch of the songs this week.
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by Niveous »

I really enjoyed this fight. The Grim had a lot of great energy and delivery. I really enjoyed the lyrics from Dollar bill and the inkpoints. Jeff DeSantis had a very well put together song. Jerkatorium was very catchy. Paco brought his version of the Cars which made for a fun song. I really dug the bass groove of Glenn's. No band completely missed the mark which is nice. Good job everyone.

I wrote the lyrics on BSS' song. Wondering what it's about? It's about taking bath salts ('purple wave", "cloud nine").
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by krut917 »

Berkeley Social Scene - I liked the instrumentation, particularly the drums and keys. The song itself I think could benefit from the addition of a bridge, or something that adds variance to the melody of the song.

Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints - That synth line is very fun, and I love the kind of 60's cheesy organ sound. Vocals remind me of a mixture of Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode and Jemaine Clement from Flight of The Concords (and as a fan of both, this is intended as a compliment). My only mixed feelings on the song are that the opening line as well what seems to be intended as the hook are the title of the song.

EDGE STREET BOYZ - I don't really know where to start. I found this one extremely difficult to listen to in entirety. The lyrics, the vocals, the chorus(?), the production, the spoken samples, I couldn't stand.

Gert - I like pretty much everything about the vocals in this song, and special praise for the phrasing. I also like that this song is almost like two songs the way it's split. This gets a vote from me.

Glenn Case - I like the vibe of this song. Nice chord choices. Especially the chorus.

The Grim - I like the atmospheric element of the guitars in the song, and the added keyboard. The vocals are the weakest part of the song, I'd suggest bumping the levels or tracking more vocals for a more full effect. The bridge/breakdown is my favorite part of the song. Also nice to see some alternative/hard-rock make its way into this songfight.

Hardmonica - I like the glitchy/synthy intro of the song. Evokes a little bit of of Berlin era Bowie. The drums are well done as well. I think there's a bit of an overuse of the title within the song. I kind of wish it built into something bigger.

Hillbilly - Feels like an epilogue of a bigger song. But cool nonetheless.

Jeff DeSantis - I think that this song has the best production on the submissions this go around. A little Tom Petty feeling. Short and sweet. Gets a vote.

Jerkatorium - I enjoy the driving element and the 90's pop keys in the background. I like that the chorus stands out a bit from many of the other submissions and includes other lyrics and elements in addition to (rather than solely) "Seems Like A Little Too Much."

Micah Sommersmith - I enjoyed hearing the accordion(?), I liked the harmonies of the song. Only thoughts would be that the chords that complete the chorus feel a little too ABC to me, and it'd be nice to hear something a little more unique.

The Overambitious - I like how the piano is mixed in this track. Very well arranged. Out of personal taste I didn't love the vocal melody doubling the instrumentation at the end. The drum buildup was a nice inclusion to the song. Very visual song. Gets a vote.

Paco del Stinko - I liked at the chorus there was a modal change that added some refreshing chord choices. As much as I like how much this evokes The Cars, it feels more imitative and less authentic as a result. Liked the guitar lead work as well.

Stevierock - As stated previously, starting a song with the song title (and topic) feels a little forced. The song kind of seems to stay in the same overall dynamic feel the entire time.

toby roktot - This song didn't seem to go anywhere, but it'd make great background music for someone breaking up with someone on a TV show.

Astromech- I won't review my song
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by The Overambitious »

So before you read your review:
Please don’t take anything too hard, most of the time I mean it as kindly as possible… most of the time.
I’m a big fan of loud drums, so I’ll probably complain about it a lot ;)
Overall I think everyone did really good.

Toby Roktot - Loved the acoustic feel. The vocals seemed a bit off at times, and would create a tense feeling. Also the vocals are at a good level at some parts and too low at others. Otherwise good job.

Stevierock - Overall, i really liked it. I personally, i would have made the snare a little bit more snappy. The biggest fallout was it was very basic. It never, to me at least, had that kick that really immersed me in the song. But overall I thought it was good. Nice job!

Hardmonica - Love the backwards tracks mixed with the synth. I liked the harmonies in the chorus/hook thing. Enjoyed the different percussion effects, although the main drum set seems a little to “open” for the style of the song. Personally, I felt like it lacked any sort of grand peak to the song. Reminds me of Because He Lives (feat. Bill Gaither) [Remix] by Crowder on Neon Steeple

Hillbilly - Like the acoustic sound. The highs could maybe stand to be brought up. With it being so short, it feels like it should be a transitional song in an album or something.

Jerkatorium - Vocals could stand to be a tad bit louder. Love the little synth addition in the song. Bass line was fun. Overall pretty good.

Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints - The synth bass line was cool at first, but it gets old with its repetitiveness. Also starting out the song with the song name doesn’t feel right.

Glenn Case - The vocals sound too narrow for my taste (maybe add a little reverb to feel more spacious?) Liked the chorus bass line. Not bad.

The Grim - Really liked this one. Great job! Personally the snare sounds too much like an EDMy tight snare, and didn’t seem to fit with the song. But overall really well done.

EDGE STREET BOYZ - Wow. Just wow. This is terrible. The chorus vocals are just bad and off. The lyrics are like a 24 year-old white guy that has the mental maturity of a 3 year old. There’s no rise, nothing to keep someone interested, and it goes on for way too long. Normally I don’t complain about “offensive” language, but it’s there just to fill in the awkward space between your already bad lyrics.

Gert - I really loved the acoustic picking in this song. Really well mixed! Vocals fit really well with the song. I definitely liked the bass lines. The drums sounded great! I loved how diverse the song was. Overall this is really, really good. Definitely gets a vote.

Berkley Social Scene - The kick drum seems a little to strong. Not a bad entry.

Paco del Stinko - Not bad. I’d personally drop the highs on the kick. The guitar work was great. Nice job!

Jeff DeSantis - Really enjoyed this one. Nice mix. Good Job.

Astromech - Guitar line is great. Your crash/high-hats are at decent level, but your kick is way to low and subby for my taste. Same with the snare. I’d suggest bringing the highs up and making them louder. Vocally i didn’t think it was bad, I just had a hard time understanding the singer at certain points. Overall I thought it was a fun song of decent length. Nice Job!

Micah Sommersmith - Liked the accordion! I think if the bass was up an octave, it might add some diversity to the song, just because of the few instruments in this songs. In the end though, nice job!

The Overambitious - I don’t feel the need to talk about my own music.
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by jb »

  • Jerkatorium's my favorite this week.
  • Paco is impressive.
  • Grim makes me wish Jute Gyte were still around.
  • EDGE STREET is an in-joke best kept between yourselves.
  • Not into Toby or Hillbilly, too bedroom.
  • I like the Overambitious music, but not the vocals or lyrics.
  • In the future we will call these years Glenn's "Steely Dan Period".
  • Gert is a little too funk/soul for me. I like the picked guitar parts.
  • Sommersmith would be a good band name in itself. I like the accordian. Get more creative with your percussion.
  • Was hoping Hardmonica was something else. I like the samply beginning. Then the vocal comes in and I don't like it any more. See a doctor.
  • Nice to hear Ken singing on BSS this week, and use of the keyboard is refreshing for you guys. Judicious guitar. I kind of like the "What have you" abrupt cutoff ending.
  • Man, with a name like Astromech I was anticipating electropop, not Creed-style metal rock. I bet that comparison bugs the fuck out of you, sorry. But I could hear Scott Stapp singing over those guitars.
  • Stevierock, very classic rock. Not into it. I like your guitar tone tho.
  • DeSantis is another name that would be a good band name. Clean singer/songwriter band production. Put some humanization on that drum pattern. I like the harmony in the chorus.
  • DB & TIP, I like the bass synth and the other blips. Probably my second favorite of the fight. Has some endearing character-- you guys are a fun collaboration.
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by Chumpy »

People seem to be candid in their reviews this time around, so I'm following suit, not just being a dick for the sake of being a dick.

Berkeley Social Scene - Nice change of pace from the usual guitar driven stuff, soulful. The 'what have you done' backing vocals clash a bit with the lead. More BVs would help.

Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints- Dig the Kraftwerk sounding beat. The 'you bought me' bits really work for me, and I enjoy the interplay between to the two vocalists. The oozing cynicism at the end is turnoff.

EDGE STREET BOYZ - This is not all awful. Verse 1, Tizzy, not bad, but not great. Verse 2 is the bright spot in the song, not quite Mike Skinner, but I can see a path to get there. Losing composure at the end of the verse is amateur. Third verse I hate. Video games, Hentai, homophobia, a distain for 'normies' when all that shit you just rapped about is completely internetnormative. Maybe it's tongue-in-cheek, but it comes off as clueless. The final verse is digitally glitchy, like it was quantized or something, and doesn't work. Still, probably my favorite EDGE STREET BOYZ work to date.

Gert - Ascends to lofty heights in terms of technique, production, and talent, but this song is just 'meh'. Five minutes after listening, it's almost completely gone from my mind. I can sorta recall Smalltown Mike's distinctive vocal style, but that's about it. If there is a hook to be found here, it's not catching me.

Glenn Case - Lyrically I'm impressed, good turns of phrase and imagery. Combine this with Glenn's fantastic vocal style and I'm liking this the whole way through. My only complaint is I don't pick up on a lot of contrast between verse, chorus, and bridge.

The Grim - Dig the altrock sounds here. Guitars and atmosphere and the anguished 'too muuuuuuuuch' vocal really work. For me this is just too dark and emo, I need a lift somewhere from all the bleak, throw me a bone. I guess you do have Grim in your name, so maybe I should just STFU. Excellent production.

Hardmonica - I'm getting a Bowie or maybe a Joy Division vibe here, which I'm liking. Vocals seem too loud at times. Great use of backing vocals, enjoyed the overall feeling the song creates and the 80s vibe.

Hillbilly - Everything is working here musically, I'm liking how it sounds, but it feels like a fragment. This seems to be a common problem for ya Hill, try some boring old intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, outro bullshit for a change. You can evoke a feeling, but can you tell a story?

Jeff DeSantis - Sweet production. That organ is mixed perfectly, all the instruments working together to create a nice comfortable vibe. I get the Tom Petty and Cracker comparisons other reviewers have mentioned, this kind of sound is right up my alley musically, which is why it earns a vote from me.

Jerkatorium - Dull muffled mix, the 'la la la' vocals have that too-close-to-the-mic sound and need an effect or something to help them stand out from the dry pitchy lead vox. Singer needs to try harder, because those lead vocals are making me feel vaguely like pulling an Oedipus, but in the ears.

Micah Sommersmith - The bridge is my favorite part. I had to think about the lyrics, which I guess is something. Singer is grateful for all the good luck and help he has received, but at the same time a little resentful? Mmm.

The Overambitious - Ugh, minor key piano, breathy sad echoey vocals, one minute in and I'm looking at my watch. Competent for what it is, but not my cup of tea. Things pick up at around 2:35, and I perk up a bit.

Paco del Stinko - I get the Cars sound not from the synths so much but mostly from the vocal style, so good job there. Great solo, and I love the lyrics. "I feel like dirt, all cruddy and brown." "FROM YOU!" backing vocals made me grin. Enjoyed and earns my vote.

Stevierock - Stevie knows how to rock, no doubt, classic style. Nothing wrong with this, except it's played straight and safe. Still, jealous of his mastery of the form. Stevierock and Dollar Bill & The Inkpoints had very similar concepts for the title, which is interesting. Grudging vote.

toby roktot - Totally Toby. Personal storytelling, G&G, sexual innuendo, relationships, a vocal style that unsubtly communicates a sense of wide-eyed wonder. Is there anything new here? Maybe the tempo changes, which I like.

Astromech - I dig the heavy guitar riffage and drums, but the lyrics and vocals drive me absolutely batshit. Those stretched out 'i' vowel sounds on the verses, ugh, it sounds like wailing to me. "Ice nine's last try theeeeeeeen your tiiiiiiiiiiiii??." I care about lyrics, I listen for them, try to figure out what the song is about, but I feel like they're an afterthought here. Like you didn't feel like writing more lyrics so you just stretched the ones you had out to fill the space in the verses. On the positive side, the chorus lifts nicely, which it almost can't help due to the depths of despair the verses leave me in.
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by MicahSommer »

Astromech - I really like the main guitar line, and the guitar tone throughout. The ending took me by surprise, which was probably your intention. I wish you had posted the lyrics, because I could hardly understand any of them.

Berkeley Social Scene - The vocal phrasing is odd throughout, like the words aren’t quite fitting right. Maybe the lyrics and music were written separately? If so, it shows. The rhythm of the instruments at the beginning also doesn’t seem to quite line up. On the whole this just feels like it didn’t quite come together like it should have. I did enjoy the instrumental bridge, and the backing vocals towards the end.

Dollar Bill & the Inkpoints - Clever concept and solid lyrics for the most part. The instrumental was great; the vocal melody gets too repetitive for my tastes.

EDGE STREET BOYZ - Some clever lyrics and a solid backing track aren’t enough to redeem the sub-par vocal performance throughout.

Gert - Excellent instrumental intro; the various guitar parts fit together very nicely. But once the vocals come in the mood shifts and it doesn’t quite fit together. Each individual element is great but it I think there’s “a little too much” going on at times. Though I have to say that tempo change is delicious.

Glenn Case - You definitely have a knack for the chord progression and melody that is unexpected but still feels just right. I love the mood you create as well. My only complaint is the guitar is pretty muddy, and especially during the verses it’s a little fatiguing to listen to since there’s not much else going on instrumentally. But then for the chorus you bring in some great higher-pitched lines and things feel more balanced.

The Grim - “A little seems a little too much” is a great line. Vocals are great, melody is great, contrasts are great, though the guitar could come down a little, I think. Otherwise my only complaint is the snare drum - tinny with no punch. Oh, and here’s the second surprise ending of the fight!

Hardmonica - Whatever is happening at the beginning is great. The lead vocals are unconventional but I think they work really well. And when the background vocals come in an octave higher, the effect is excellent. The atmosphere that you maintain throughout is great as well. This is one of the stranger entries, but honestly I can’t think of anything I would tell you to do differently. Great job.

Hillbilly - “If I can’t hold onto you, would you please hold onto me.” Great line. I admire a song that says what it wants to say and then gets out of the way. The one-minute runtime earned it a second listen, though its simplicity meant that not a lot more is gained the second time through.

Jeff DeSantis - Great production and instrumental performance. The vocal melody is not particularly memorable, though I do love the harmony on the chorus (“they don’t come byyyyyyyyy”).

Jerkatorium - Great lyrics - love the rhyme scheme. I also like the “la la’s,” the vocal melody, the guitar solo, and the beep boops. I would lose the acoustic guitar - I don’t think it fits within the production. Otherwise, I think this one is excellent!

Micah Sommersmith - I wasn’t going to record this little nothing of a song after I wrote it, but I decided to go for it. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s nothing special, but I had fun.

The Overambitious - The contemplative piano took me by surprise, very unlike the other songs in the fight. Nice to hear something different, and I enjoyed the change of pace towards the end with the added synth and percussion. Not a huge fan of the lyrics or the extreme reverb and delay on the vocals.

Paco del Stinko - Nice guitar solo and organ riff. The lyrics seem a little awkward, especially in their over-reliance on similes: like a leaf, like a thief, like a tire, like a magic show and a disappearing trick, like a professor, like dirt. I do love the backing vocals on the chorus.

Stevierock - Nice classic rock feel. Not sure about having the two guitar solos going simultaneously - it would have been nice to hear them each separately, or have more of a call-and-response thing going.

toby roktot - I like that you tell a complete story, keeping the listener focused on what’s going to happen next. I wish it was better recorded and more fully fleshed out - the ringing stabs on “to me” suggest that it could have been.

Votes go to Glenn Case, The Grim, Hardmonica, and Jerkatorium.
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Re: Say when (Seems Like A Little Too Much reviews)

Post by HeuristicsInc »

late and brief reviews.

dbti - this is me and mr. cashpoint.

hillbilly - your voice sounds good. wow it's short. nice.

jeff d - it sounds good. radio ready.

jerk - being a geek is perfectly okay, unless you mean the kind that bites heads off of small animals, can't get behind that. good sound. enjoy the lyrics.

micah - i am enjoying the thing that i'm assuming is an accordion.

paco - classic sound. "i'm crazy and maybe diseased" ha. i like the lyrics.

Berkeley Social Scene - strightedge, eh? solid.

astromech - r2? i don't really like the vocal cadence. it's throwing me off.

edge - there's some loud people in the hall drowning this out. ok, now i can hear it. it's not doing it for me. rhythm is off.

gert - unusual sound. very classic rock. i like it.

glenn - it's true that the title is awkward to sing. i hear it in this one. good but not great.

grim - this one sings a bit awkward. i wasn't sure about it at first, but now i like it.

hard - i like the music quite a lot, but not so much the vocals. awkward.

over - verbing weirds language, in the immortal words of bill watterson. i was not aware of comatose as a verb. it's got a nice mood. here's another one where i like the music a lot more than the vocal content.

stevie who forgot to set his id3 tags - heh, a very similar lyrical idea to ours, but a very different sound. vocals need to be brought more front in the mix for this style. it's good.

toby - not fond of it. vocals or music or words. sorry.

votes: dbti, jeff, jerk, paco, bss, gert, grim, stevie
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