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One last dance (Before the Music is Over reviews)

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:13 pm
by Lunkhead
The night it still young!

Re: One last dance (Before the Music is Over reviews)

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:43 pm
by The Overambitious
Deadnettlez - Once again. Props on the whole no instruments thing. Although it’s not my favorite, it’s not bad. The lyrics get really lost in this to me. I think it’d be cool if the highlight was your voice, and there was the “instruments” supporting it. The creativity is real, but I’d encourage you to try some new things, whether that’s in the style you are currently doing or adding some new stuff. One idea is to maybe use a vocoder, soft or hard. Just a thought :)

Dark Side of the Son - From the start I liked its relaxed vibe. Kind of thing I could turn the lights down low too, kick back, and just relax and enjoy a few moments of peace. The vocals are a little rough, and seems like they are drowning in a way. Maybe that’s just me. Like I said, loved the guitar and relaxed drums. Good job here.

Cannibal Parrot - Lush piano, jazzy drums and bass, what more could I ask for? Oh and then a little synth. This is great. No lyrics is interesting, not knocking it. It felt like to me it was so simple and sweet with just the piano, bass, and drums. Adding the additional instruments is a great idea, but they felt like they were piling onto, and not given a chance to just solo. Like the synth comes in, but the piano keeps on its little scat thing, making it kinda messy. I love the vibe though.

Miscellaneous Owl - Very flat. Like it’s stuck in one dimension. I like the vocalist, but maybe sing a little stronger? Feels like they’re trying to hide from their voice. I also think I’m catching some blips of something hitting the mic, or maybe wind. Could be wrong. It’s not a bad song, it just needs a lot of work. Try having an instrument per frequency section. Like bass 100-200, chords 300-500, etc. I think that could help a lot, but what do I know lol

The Overambitious - Dat me. I loaded a part of a vocal from another song into a sampler and thought the sound was cool. Thus the main synth chord was born. After that I did stuff. Also, this is my first use of my new banjo, which is fun. I don’t have a blatant lesson this week. Just talking about how I like music. Oh the end is my actual upright piano being mic’d. The vocals and piano were done in one shot. Which is why the vocals seem quiet. I messed up in the playing, but I was ok with that. Don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless.

Re: One last dance (Before the Music is Over reviews)

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:13 pm
by deadnettlez
Cannibal parrot ~~~~ :oops: :oops: thank you for sharing this intense piano evening !!!+!+! I paid a lot of money for these tickets to the top of this rotating restaurant in Grand Plaza ......:::::::and if I'm going to get sweet with this special someone,,;'' it's not just going to be the surf and turf that's going to win them over but rather your romantic synthesizer......./////// rolling towards 52 seconds as I'm titillating their torso/./././ with my tongue ~~~~your soothing synth will act as a tonic for this various Kenny G Style smoothness that I'll Place upon them. If I ever find out who that bass player is I'm going to ask him to join our Trio .....can I buy you a martini dandy?

Dark Side of the Sun. -If James Taylor had been a drinker, and a karauser..... (i think he was a folkjesusfreak??) I would definitely sip liquid courage and get my chance before the music, it was over.... Another romantic ballad...... <3 <3<3<3 I guess we're all longing to go to that dance hall of days of yore.... barn dance! Again I love your deep baritone..,, I feel so in love with you.. the lyrics read like an engineering manual... At around 2:17 the ketamine kicks in and I find myself falling into the lap of this special someone......,,,,,, but then the bridge comes to rescue us share a swig of liquid inspiration capitalized. favorite rhyme (habitation) (constellation) BE BRAVE DANCE CRASH AND BURNER YOUR LINEZ ARE SOO CLEVER!

Mizolaniouz Owl...definitely my favorite this week but only because I've made it a rule on things like ballots and/or electionz to always vote for a strong female vocalist ...that might have been my upbringing of getting lost at the Lilith fairz That's where sketchy folks with bearded legs would give me pieces of paper that were bitter to place upon my tongue my eyes would get all velvety and I'd start wandering towards the muddy parts of the festival grounds. The holes in your velvet eyes of the most strung out of the juggaloz at A camp === or any or all of the medieval bards that I hooked up with a Renisannce train Fair 2010. I like lez lepplin wuz waiting for the confounded Bridge... ( the part of the song that's different so that you can remember what it's like to be the same at the end) but i just kept falling into a pile of velvet eyez..... ++++ horray!

overambitchuz - OMG I'm definitely voting for this one !!!number one !!! I kind of wanted to change my vote from last week since the Virginia Tech shooting song got stuck in my head Rick Roll (cat scan hot jamz)Style and you cloned yourself and made yourself a baritone robot man I really wish that I could get into vocoder but I know little to nothing about electronics and or computers I'm allowing you to be the expert.... hopefully you'll be able to produce my album since that is clearly a strong suit of yours, pragmatic crafter. At 1:55 the meta-referenchall naturez of The Lyricist self-conscious dialogue is super brilliant~!~~!~!~!~! double it ~~~!!!!triple it !!!! septuple it !!!!but make sure you do stay sober the next day or when the musik iz over.(₩hen dah musikz over) Some point you let out of Primal scream?!?!~. Nice. Expic emo brilliance! double it. Good censorship rap noise i think i caught it again>!

Re: One last dance (Before the Music is Over reviews)

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:37 am
by owl
leaving on a weeklong business trip so i'm in a bit of a rush--sorry for brevity:

Dark side of the son: The instrumentation sounds great and the lyrics are vivid and visual! Nice story song. I like the wistful chord progression. The mix seems a bit muddy once the vocals come in--they feel kind of unclear to me. The breakdown at 2:20ish doesn't feel very intentional but coming back out of it seems strong!

Cannibal parrot: I like that bass a lot, all the parts seem nicely arranged with each other. The organ/synth soloing is great! I think the tone/volume feels a little out of place with the other instruments but that is minor.

Overambitious: Great glossy production and lyrics (although I'm going to say again that I would like it better with the panning toned down). I'm super into the use of the word "doxology," not sure I've ever heard that in a song before! The change to piano at the end was lovely, but it drowned out the vocals a bit. Nice work.

Deadnettlez: This is very cool! Unique as usual and I'm glad there's no burping this week (sorry!) Oddly it reminded me of Overambitious's melody, listening to them both in a row, I sort of felt like you were covering his track a cappella. Or vice versa. Great minds etc.

miscellaneous owl: this is me! Going for a hypnotic/mysterious/droney kind of VU Venus In Furs-type sound. Unfortunately I don't know jack shit about production (in practice, at least--I understand the theory) and I see Overambitious has noticed this. I had fun though! The solo in the middle is a saw wave synth patch going through a distortion filter, new experiment for me, i was pleased with it.

Re: One last dance (Before the Music is Over reviews)

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:10 am
by vowlvom
The Overambitious - the pitch-shifted vocal is cool at the start but I think it’s a bit overused over the course of the whole song. Killer musical touches as usual - I like how you integrate the guitar sounds into the electronics. The built where it builds up to the shouted line is really effective. Piano outro is a nice touch.

miscellaneous owl - definitely getting that droney Velvet Underground vibe, I really like the forceful drums. The distorted solo is great, it really stands out - guitar-like, but not quite guitar!

Deadnettlez - feels like a slightly cleaner mix than some of your other tracks, and I like the initial melody, but it feels a bit repetitive and the lead vocal feels a bit drowned out by the “bass”.

dark side of the son - really good stuff, I think this is my favourite of your tracks that I’ve heard so far. There’s a nicely melancholic vibe to the guitar and I like your take on the title.

Cannibal Parrot - jazzy! The organ / synth is a bit too high in the mix for my liking and I don’t feel like this has any particular relationship to the title, but it’s well performed.

Re: One last dance (Before the Music is Over reviews)

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 4:33 pm
by Lunkhead
dark side of the son wins. Congrats!