So You're Saying You Like Me? (Darling, You're Strange Reveiws)

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So You're Saying You Like Me? (Darling, You're Strange Reveiws)

Post by Pigfarmer Jr » Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:32 pm

You really, really like me?
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Re: So You're Saying You Like Me? (Darling, You're Strange Reveiws)

Post by Lunkhead » Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:51 pm

Songs posted.
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Re: So You're Saying You Like Me? (Darling, You're Strange Reveiws)

Post by Sober » Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:14 am

I'd written a chorus for this, and then realized I'd written it for "Darling it's Strange." Also, hadn't reinstalled PT since my most recent reformat, and that obviously takes weeks :x

Neat to see some old familiar faces in here, anyway. I may be in for Flamethrower.
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Re: So You're Saying You Like Me? (Darling, You're Strange Reveiws)

Post by AJOwens » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:20 pm

Berkeley -- Nice time signature, well-integrated. The vocals sound very relaxed, by which I mean pitchy. My advice, as if anyone wants it, is to try singing just a little bit sharp. This seems to make the vocal chords more fully aware -- that's my experience, anyway. The instrumental work is very solid. The guitar solo has an interesting complexity and floats effortlessly through the 5/4 time. I particularly liked the way this song ends, with the churning guitar; something about that texture is mezmerizing.

D.A.H. -- I loved this so much I decided to write some reviews. I can't understand the words, so I'll take it on trust this has to do with the title. It reminds me of Kraftwerk or Focus, but it has its own quality. It's continuously engaging.

Dark Side of the Attic -- I brought something over and Dark Side produced it, vocals and instrumentals courtesy of the Attic. I would have done it differently, but there's a consistent vision here -- some kind of swirling new approach to music as an experience. Or maybe just more reverb than Enya. sadly, that doesn't hide the pitchiness; even the keyboards feel relaxed. Good fun though.

Dejected Motives -- Mixed pretty low; try maxing the recording levels without distortion, and look into mastering compression -- everyone else does it, for better or worse. Ah, those chords -- one day I'm going to launch into a rant about them. But I just used them in this fight, so it's not a good time. The lyrics don't jump out at me, which is par for my music listening unless they do something striking or the singer really sells them. The song has a potential catchiness, but needs editing for brevity.

Hoblit -- The repeated E to C is different in a cool way, but. . . The E major sets up for an A note, but then the C chord yanks the G sharp back down. It's anxiety-provoking, and I think this effect builds up and becomes unconsciously distracting and disorienting, as if the song were constantly striving to become present. But then too, that's very existential. The band has a good rough-edged sound. The production is very full and satisfying.

Jeff de Santis -- I was fascinated by the way you kept regrouping the chords; it kept things from getting old, while maintaining the overall hypnotizing quality. Nicely performed and produced. Rock solid rhythm, important for this type of thing. The vocal is convincing. In my opinion, the "ooooh" part moment in the song sometimes lingers too long. The lead guitar and its effects are perfect. Best ending in the fight.

Macaque Attack -- This has nice texture, thanks especially to the synth work, and the whole thing has a calm energy that reminds me of Oasis or Green Day. The lead is authentically inspired, but during this interval in the song I'd prefer something with more development. The song doesn't have a big range, and perhaps because of that does not generate a strong memory.

Micah Sommersmith -- As intensely discordant as Purcell's "Hear My Prayer," but with a minimalist take. And the discordance is more strange. I'm not sure if you mean to be so microtonal, but it does take the strangeness up a notch. Best motet in the fight, hands down.

My Social Uniform -- This shows thoughtful composition and arrangement, and it's well done -- well, I don't know about "sprinkles rainbows of fear," that's a hell of a metaphor -- but the song feels like a cover. Very competent and polished, but it kind of blends in with the musical background.

Vom Vorton -- Good riff, great pads, sets a nice mood. I like especially your choices of when to bring in what instrument or sound. The changes feel natural and subtly energize the track.

Wreckdom -- This is a wonderful take on the title. Very clever lyrics, delivered with dry humour. The musical accompaniment keeps daft and carries on, with great skill. I like the part that sounds like Donald Duck having a nervous breakdown.

zczero -- Experimental, perhaps not ready for prime time, but kudos for trying something different. Many of the songs in this fight are musically strange, as if to echo the title, and this one is as strange as any. It might also be a potential candidate for the optional challenge, although it feels less more like a chant than a motet. I like the message in the lyrics.
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Re: So You're Saying You Like Me? (Darling, You're Strange Reveiws)

Post by vowlvom » Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:21 am

Berkeley Social Scene - really like the unusual rhythm and the layers of guitar fuzz, and the general sort of contemplative vibe. I’ve heard other BSS songs that sound more “immediate”, but this is a good one that I can already feel growing on me.

D.A.H. - this is great fun, especially on headphones (those synths are making my brain dance). I’m especially fond of that “ah ah ah ah!” rhythmic vocal.

Dark Side of the Attic - there’s a timeless vibe to the music here, which makes the mention of facebook weirdly jarring? Some of the instrumentation could be cleaned up a bit, but the dreamy vibe is really compelling.

Dejected Motives - this has got something, the chorus melody is catchy and there’s a nice melancholy feel to it. It just feels like everything needs tightening up a bit, the timing, lead vocal and piano just need a bit more work.

Hoblit - there’s a sort of slow-paced aggression to this one that set me on edge a little, but it’s well performed and recorded.

Jeff DeSantis - love the guitar solo. This is really well done, high-quality songwriting.

Macaque Attack - I really like the mix, with those dreamy synths drifting over the bed of guitars. The verse melody is a little monotonous but the chorus is really catchy.

Micah Sommersmith - really impressive, and a great take on the motet challenge. Some beautiful harmonies emerge at certain points, and I love how you developed the melody.

My Social Uniform - this is impeccably put together, but it doesn’t do it for me like your previous song did; maybe just personal taste.

WreckdoM - some really fun lines in this (particularly “I like that you dye your hair the same colour it already is”) and the jazzy music is a good fit. I definitely think you win the “Strangest Darling” prize.

zczero - your unusual musical approach is a good fit for the title! This one feels a bit more cohesive than your last one, pretty interesting stuff.

Vom Vorton - this is me. I bought a new controller keyboard thing and it came with a download code for Ableton Live Lite, so this is the sound of me messing with new software. I struggled with the lyrics, but when I (belatedly) saw the motet challenge I figured out I’d try a layered vocal thing for the chorus, so that’s what I’m attempting there! Or was, until I ran out of tracks. Anyway, a bit rushed, but I’m quite happy with it.
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Re: So You're Saying You Like Me? (Darling, You're Strange Reveiws)

Post by MicahSommer » Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:53 am

Berkeley Social Scene - The 5/4 meter feels very natural which is not always the case with compound meters so well done on that front. I love the lead guitar especially in its use of feedback/distortion. The chorus is nicely memorable but the vocal melody on the verse just feels meandering and random. I kinda winced at the line “My heart it does bleed.” The bridge section is excellent (“I will never let them take your hand tonight” or whatever the lyric is - post lyrics people!) and it leads into a very fine guitar solo. This is a good song, and the verse melody and some clunky lyrics are the only things keeping this from being a really great song.

D.A.H. - This is weird and fun. I dig the synth solo. This feels throwaway, but I’m okay with that.

dark side of the attic - This reminds me a lot of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, especially his album “I See a Darkness.” I like how it builds and evolves throughout. The lead vocals are warbly and seemingly hesitant though.

Dejected Motives - This is a nice groove, with cool “ooooooh” vocals, but the lead vocal is way too quiet (the entire song is, actually) and the piano is a little too aimless.

Hoblit - Really solid chorus hook, maybe the catchiest in the fight. Your voice isn’t quite my cup of tea but your vocal delivery is confident which counts for a lot. The harmonies that show up occasionally are a pleasant surprise.

Jeff DeSantis - This is a solid, well-constructed tune with well-crafted lyrics. The rockabilly accompaniment gets a bit tedious; I wonder what it would sound like with a re-imagined backing track. The chorus in particular somehow seems to be asking for a more electric (even electronic?) 80s hair band sound or something. But that’s probably crazy.

Macaque Attack - Good to have you back! I like that sha-la-la chorus but the vocal is real buried and it’s delivered in such a laid-back way that I don’t think it makes the impact it could. I also wonder if the drums could be brought up. They don’t make much of an impact either.

Micah Sommersmith - I really leaned into the motet challenge, and like usual when I go for a cappella harmonies, the execution doesn’t live up to the conception.

My Social Uniform - The slow burn piano ballad combined with the ominous pads, sounds, etc works really well. I would have liked more of a build in the bridge - the voice grows in intensity and range but the accompaniment doesn’t match it - more involved percussion, or more intense piano or something. That’s my only complaint.

Vom Vorton - The layers of vocal lines in the chorus are the highlight of the song, to be sure. The lead vocal feels uncertain and is maybe lower than your ideal range. The other chorus vocals show you can go higher so consider focusing on that register rather than lower. The lyrics are fine but not anything special, especially in this fight where a lot of people are treading in very similar territory (which makes sense given the title).

WreckdoM - The specificity of the lyrics make this one memorable. I like how each line starts out mildly unusual (“I like the way you sewed your own dress”) then turns truly bizarre (“...out of dental floss and abandoned birds nests”)

zczero - The lyrics, stripped-down arrangement, and vocal delivery combine to make this the most intimate and, surprisingly, vulnerable entry in the fight, and to me that makes it probably the most interesting. I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but it’s definitely the one I think about most.
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Re: So You're Saying You Like Me? (Darling, You're Strange Reveiws)

Post by Lunkhead » Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:49 pm

Congrats to Jeff DeSantis!
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Re: So You're Saying You Like Me? (Darling, You're Strange Reveiws)

Post by freff » Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:55 am

Thanks! A pleasant surprise this morning.
Jeff DeSantis
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