Time to Sing your Predictions of the Future (Sing of the Times Reviews)

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Re: Time to Sing your Predictions of the Future (Sing of the Times Reviews)

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Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying, I think understand your point better.
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Re: Time to Sing your Predictions of the Future (Sing of the Times Reviews)

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1. bragging about it (directly or indirectly)
2. presenting it as an excuse for a lower-quality submission.
I see how that could be annoying. But I also see how someone could just be having a conversation and seem to fall into one of those two categories. For instance, when it was brought up in my case, I literally apologized for not giving songfight the time and attention it deserved but was still.. accused isn't the right word, but it was mentioned that it could be a "humble-brag." On a song that was voted like bottom two or three. Let's just say it made me feel about the same way as whoever said it was feeling. Annoyed to the point of miffed. But in hindsight, it didn't really mean that much either way. I purposefully try not to mention how much time I had or didn't have or how busy I've been at work just to avoid the issue. But seriously, why should I?

All that being said, I have somehow fallen into valuing the opinions of the reviewers. For instance, I've always had a lackadaisical approach to phrasing in my lyric writing and performance but thanks to the reviewers (especially in the podcasts) I've focused on that. And my songwriting has improved (I'm sure not only due to that.) A better focus on the things that others notice may not be necessary, but in my case it has helped. So keep doing what you're doing, please. It's valued. And I do apologize for this long rant and my response last year.
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