No escape from the reality of (Is This Real Life Reviews)

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Re: No escape from the reality of (Is This Real Life Reviews)

Post by Pigfarmer Jr »

Well deserved win. Congratzies!
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Re: No escape from the reality of (Is This Real Life Reviews)

Post by Cybronica »

Gahh!! Thank you!!! :D
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Re: No escape from the reality of (Is This Real Life Reviews)

Post by truth »

I was hoping that someone would do a Magma send up for the operatic vocal thing.

Thanks for the votes!
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Re: No escape from the reality of (Is This Real Life Reviews)

Post by mc3p0 »

Congratulations Mandibles, a well-deserved win and my co-workers dig your electric baroque style and jaws dropped at that aria. "Yes, that is what I am up against. No amount of cowbell can beat that." And I was right.:]
Chumpy wrote:
Tue Mar 26, 2019 10:26 pm
mc3p0 wrote:
Tue Mar 26, 2019 10:17 pm
Also, Ryan is totally wrong.
I need to make a print out of this comment and put it on my vision board.
I could embroider it on a snowflake cozy for you? :D You guys are great, seriously.
owl wrote:
Wed Mar 27, 2019 3:07 pm
mc3p0--This was a fun and well produced track, lots of nice meaty synthesizers, so many nice elements going on. It felt like a soundtrack but didn't quite develop enough for me to stand on its own, and like some others have mentioned, without vocals, it's hard to feel like it had something specifically to do with this title. It would have been fun to hear it with the vocal samples you were mentioning you tried to put in!
My voice is ridiculous. I always envision a specific singer, from Simon laBon to Nina Simone, Gordon Lightfoot, Sammy Hagar,etc. which never translates well for my voice. So I use a vocoder quite a lot!:] Even that might have felt more connected to the title. Glad you like the sonic mess I made, editing is not my strong suit.
Lunkhead wrote:
Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:15 pm
Loud and noisy. Took me a bit but I started to really get into it. Reminds me slightly of NIN. I don't have a lot of great reference points for this style, though. This is way heaver and more industrial. Wait, >5 minutes? And I think read it's an instrumental? Doh. I get having it be this length as a standalone thing, and you do keep it interesting, but, it's a tough fit in the context of song fight. Would definitely work better "live".
I suppose it's mainly a conglomeration of sounds I like excreted into a waveform. NIN brings good memories, thanks.

I record my stuff usually only once. The tweaking is done live for that take. I used to have only analog equipment and had to reset everything for the next piece, but now I use the PC almost exclusively and can easily recreate anything I make. Since I have a set "studio" I begin most music with literally anyone could tweak usb knobs rhythmically and make stuff with my fake analog synths. I would love to play live if I eventually make music appropriate. My equipment is now a laptop and a tiny outboard keys, so easy-peasy.

The loud is because I post-process without headphones. I just look at pushing the waveform around, so the compression makes it shaped like a brick. That's my bad. Comparing it with the other entrants makes it obvious, so that's a learning curve.:]
MicahSommer wrote:
Fri Mar 29, 2019 7:46 am
mc3p0 - I enjoyed listening to this one. To me, you have enough variety that it feels like there’s an arc to it, and even without lyrics it feels like a thought-out complete composition. At the same time, there’s enough repetition that it feels cohesive and unified. I’m not always in the mood to listen to the whole thing, but when I am, I like it.
Thank you Micah! It was thought-out and it is "composed". Going back to my old hardware limitations, I usually stick with just a few notes and tweak the hell out of them. Key changes are not something I do very often, even remixing others music I will reconstruct it with that in mind. I'm looking for a remix I did for JBB like it. Just one massive key of beauty in several octaves.
codywalkerjr wrote:
Sat Mar 30, 2019 12:15 pm
MC3P0-intense energy immediately! Lots of really neat textures. I don't mind a synth instrumental now and again. What machines were you using? Id love to pick your brain. I'm new to the synth world
I took about 30 seconds to start the "groove", the dynamics right away tell the listener "this is electronic burbling music" so they have a chance to switch to Tame Impala.:] Dude, I use Reason as the DAW and create the instruments within it. That software typically works smoothly on my PC, but I'm on a borrowed laptop with a caching problem, so.. But I know a lot about hardware, analog specifically if you have any questions. I'm familiar from DIN to MIDI. Now I stick with the PC and sample my old equipment if necessary. Email me and I will hook you up with my "studio". I'm taking a break to reply to everyone while making a new bestiary of noises with less processing. When I last modified twelve handclaps into "music" the laptop really didn't like the filters complexity, so I'm experimenting.
neutronflow wrote:
Sat Mar 30, 2019 9:33 pm
mc3p0: This isn't really my kind of thing. It goes on longer that I personally find it interesting. There's an ominous sound I quite like at about 2:30. The section from about 2:45 - 3:30 seems the most interesting bit.
Cool. I envision a broken opera, detuning and almost screeching.. you might have found the sampled vocals more flavorful. That minimal part is my favorite too, it kind of takes a moment off from constant drums and builds into the very high frequencies.:]
Geech wrote:
Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:17 am
mc3po - There is a lot of cool stuff in here. Great flow. I am really impressed - I just don’t know how this is a singular song. Especially one with this title. The hooks need to be more obvious and repeat. Otherwise it’s soundtrack material. Cool hand claps - you could have just as easily submitted this for Whichever, Whenever with that optional challenge.
You are impressed?! Thank you! It's built on the remains of another piece I entered loooong ago with the stupidest lyrics I could come up with. So, I just built a new song on top of the old one, the piece is become like eleven minutes now, and there are a few starts of other ideas. Thank you for admiring the claps - I actually do take care processing some instruments, the claps are using side-chain compression to pump them a little.

Again with the lyrics and vocals. THings I am not good with. If I have time I would love to record a song this week. I'll try to have a Whichever Whenever review up tonight.
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