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SpinTunes 17 - Meet the Judges

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https://spintunescontest.blogspot.com/2 ... udges.html

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our panel of judges for SpinTunes 17. All are previous SpinTunes contestants, and their own musical output reflects the wide range and variety of styles within the SpinTunes community.

If you can't wait to be judged by these fine folks, head to the Sign-Up page now!

Without further ado, here are your judges:

Cybronica.jpeg (14.17 KiB) Viewed 143 times
Cybronica is one of the founding members of Mandibles, which has been submitting to Spintunes, Nur Ein, and intermittently to SongFight! since 2018. She sings, plays the bass, and mixes most of the songs for the band. Before delving into the strange melange of folk rock and metal that is Mandibles' signature sound, she trained as an opera singer, performing and working throughout the eastern seaboard and in Europe. She was most known for her rendition of Queen of the Night (it's that one opera song with all the high notes. You'd know it if you heard it.). These days, she works with the band and composes her own music, lives with her three cats, and is systematically working through all the anime on netflix and hulu before admitting defeat and getting a crunchyroll subscription.

Denise Hudson
Denise Hudson.jpeg
Denise Hudson.jpeg (12.02 KiB) Viewed 143 times
Denise Hudson
Denise Hudson (who is also a few other identities) is a multi-instrumentalist and musical improviser from Austin Texas who produces a menagerie of miscellany with a cacophony of varied entertainers. If this sounds vague, well she is quite Mysterious—suspiciously living under a spy-like cloak of secrecy and adverbs. When asked to describe her work RangerDenni simply answers “mayonnaise.” You may or may not like mayonnaise, but it is ubiquitous—and there’s not a lot anyone can do about this.
She indeeds harbors a Spintunes Past and has been here since 1-Round1. Its her second or third time judging—at least under THIS name. She is part of the Austin Improv Community as a technical and musical improviser and also acts in sketch/improv and has taught improv herself; but currently she plays with her troupe Amoeba Improv, her women’s sketch troupe The Pie Corner Comedy (no relation to any Cherry Pi), and does a weekly live-stream with abstract filmmaker Jeremy Moran in their duo House of the Bleeding Chicken.

Jocko Homomorphism
Jocko Homomorphism.jpg
Jocko Homomorphism.jpg (7.59 KiB) Viewed 143 times
Jocko Homomorphism
Jocko Homomorphism is a solo performer who straddles pop and experimental music. Jocko's current interest is in synthesizers, though they also have experience singing and playing trombone. They have played under this name since appearing as a one-off cover band in 2015. In addition to covering 80s/90s bands, Jocko also enjoys live improvisation of noise music. Jocko has previously participated in SpinTunes 15 and 16, and likes to explore different genres.
Photo: Adam Thomas / Creative Commons

Wil Whalen
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SpinTunes 16 Champion!
"hello! i am wil - a.k.a. temnere - three time contestant and one time winner. i've played in a few bands and have been writing and producing original music for about a decade, mostly prog/power metal. outside of music i also (occasionally) work as an illustrator and (more occasionally) watch a bunch of martial arts movies. i am nice!!!"
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