Free Toppings for your Musical Flatbread

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Free Toppings for your Musical Flatbread

Post by Plat » Sun Feb 20, 2005 6:40 pm

Platzza Hut is understaffed in the lyrical department. As such, all remaining musical toppings MUST GO!

It's happened to all of us one time or another: you're cooking up SongFight! pizza, taste the sauce, and think aloud, "hey, you know.. this needs some more spice!" And then you open the refrigerator to learn that - OH NO - you're all out of pepperoni!

If that's you, consider me your friendly cyber-neighbor, willing to prepare toppings for your use or neglect; among them: backing vocals, simple guitar chordies (elec, acous-6 or 12), melodica, keyboards (bass, piano, organ, mellotron, drums/groovebox, triangle, etc), slide whistle, cheap synth toys, and general weirdness.

Due to time constraints I'm assuming you've already prepared the dough and can share the recipe.

Alternatively, if your pizza is small (e.g. a small or medium 3-topping, not an extra-large Sound Lover's Deluxe Feast) I can wash and remix your ingredients in my kitchen, to make a better-balanced, USDA-approved digital meal.

Surgeon General's Warning: Many of Platzza Hut's pizzas have cheese in the crust.
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