Need Vocalist for RPM Project. Willing to pay $$

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Need Vocalist for RPM Project. Willing to pay $$

Post by drë »

so i got an idea for a concept album to be recorded and produced in the month of February. 10 songs.
written 3-4 demos, including the first track that introduces the album.
I have thrown down the towel when it comes to signing, just cant get the vocals i want.

so am looking for a vocal performer male/female and willing to pay $10-$20 bucks per song.
not much i know, but an incentive.

preferentially mid-high baritone voice, and can carry a melody, but its NOT required.
please provide samples if interested.

Thank you.
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Re: Need Vocalist for RPM Project. Willing to pay $$

Post by Billy's Little Trip »

Are you combining this for FAWM? I don't know if I have a baritone voice. I think my normal singing voice leans to the high side more.
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Re: Need Vocalist for RPM Project. Willing to pay $$

Post by ujnhunter »

You should post some samples of your music/demos that you have going for this project. I don't think I am a baritone. I don't know what I am... doh.

Edit: Oops... guess I should read this forum more... disregard my 6 month late response. ;)
-Ujn Hunter
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