Looking for a singer in my neighborhood (Boston)

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Looking for a singer in my neighborhood (Boston)

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Hi kids, long time no see! Hope everyone is doing well, aside from the keen sadness caused by my absence, of course. I've started playing music with a new rock and roll band, and, as some of you may already know (but are too polite to mention), I am not particularly good at singing. Well, turns out, the other guys aren't either. It is nice to have things in common with your friends, and all, but this does mean that we need to go looking around for a singer, and what better place to search than the internet's finest collection of cool musicians!

I know this is kind of a long shot, because most of you don't live anywhere near me, and even if you could commute from, say, Australia, to be at our practices, we'd still spend so much time laughing at your funny accent that we'd never get anything done. Can't hurt to try, though!

Here is the skinny: We've got four folks, drums, bass and two guitars, and eight or ten all original songs. It is modern hard rock, sort of a Deftones kind of sound. If you happen to be female then we can manage a passable Paramore/Lacuna Coil type thing and I think we'd all be happy with that, too. We have a practice space in the metro-west suburbs of Boston, MA, with microphones and a comically oversized PA, so you don't need to provide anything! If you like to write lyrics, and, really, who here doesn't, then that is groovy too.

If, on the odd chance, this sounds like something you might be interested in, please send me a private message and I'll give you some more details, links to recordings, photographs of my cat, etc. Thanks, everyone!

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