I need a little help (Where you can go)

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I need a little help (Where you can go)

Post by wickedcripple »

I have wrote a song for the SF .. It's just a small 45 second acapella. It's a song about bullying/suicide. A little deep, but done in a sweet way .. (i think) i need some one to put a piano behind it. just a lonely piano behind the split acapella stereo thing i have going. anyone able to help? I was going to put a whistle behind it, but there was a note i couldn't do it justice. Any takers, please email me at djbillyoh@ymail. com It's for the "Where you can go" fight. It should be a VERY simple piano piece.
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Re: I need a little help (Where you can go)

Post by AJOwens »

I'll volunteer my modest piano skills. I've sent you an e-mail.
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