Will track pedal steel guitar for your entry

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Will track pedal steel guitar for your entry

Post by Lunkhead »

Last year I bought a pedal steel guitar. It's a crazy beast of an instrument and my skills on it remain quite rudimentary. I haven't been practicing as much as I'd like, so I thought that offering to track some for folks could be a good way for me to spend more time on it. The pedal steel guitar has a unique recognizable sound that can add a nice really texture to country and folk music. What I can do will probably work best with primarily acoustic instrument based songs. PM me or post here if you're interested. I'd need a demo track to write to and possibly some guidelines about when/where/how you want me to try to play. It might also be good for you to plan for the possibility that I might not get a track to you in time due to lack of availability or capability.

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Re: Will track pedal steel guitar for your entry

Post by Sober »

I'll take you up on this sometime in the relatively near future.
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