thinking me, toby and Disko

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thinking me, toby and Disko

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Floating down the river, leaking ole john boat, Toby catching fish with a gay ass bober, while we chillin to John Disko spiting mad ryhme. You know you couldnt ask for a better time.
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Re: thinking me, toby and Disko

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I wrote a verse about Disk0:

johnny made himself some some noise
droppin’ nerdcore rhymes on soggy bottom boys
johnny’s punchin’ well above his weight
knocked down klownhole moose muse standing 8

black vertical bars he stacked 'em from left to right
three more competitors notched up on his mic
he pulled out his beats, he pulled out his cuts
he pulled out a chair, and mashed it all up
"How did these fuckin' guys get signed? Bring on the Beach Boys meets Ween." --boltoph
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