Retrun Of The Century

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Retrun Of The Century

Postby Paco Del Stinko » Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:39 am

Return Of The Century - Paco del Stinko

It's the return of the century (Look who's back)
Hell yeah I'm talkin' 'bout me

You'd better get out of the way 'cos baby I'm back
And I ain't talking shit and I'll dish out the smack
Don't think for one minute that I - I won't make you pay
Cos I'm larger than life and I'm back from the grave

Was it so very long ago (Long ago)
Was it really that far away (Far away)
Where I've been to I don't know (I don't know)
But I'm coming back today (Today), and I'm here to stay

I'm coming back...I'm coming back
(On your radio...Like a tornadio...Go yell Geronimo...A super dynamo)
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