You Mean the World

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You Mean the World

Postby glennny » Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:43 am

You Mean the World


The Mercury is Rising
and you seem to be mad as Mars
it’s not surprising
I took it way too far

Looking for patterns
rings around Saturn
I’ll give you the Moon
won’t you come back to Earth?

You mean the World
my heart is big as Jupiter
You mean the World
everything else is stupider

It’s cold as Hoth
and desolate as Tatooine
let the anger froth
then take a dramamine

fall into splendor
lush like on Endor
don’t drown in Naboo
just go to Dagobah

You mean the world
I can’t lose you like Alderaan
You mean the world
our problems are so much smaller than

You mean the world
That’s coming from someone from Gemenon
It’s complex like Caprica
I’m going to Coruscant
You mean the world
That’s coming from someone from Gemenon
I hardly ever laugh at ya
I’m going to Coruscant
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Re: You Mean the World

Postby Rudedawg Raymond » Thu Dec 03, 2015 6:14 pm

From Welney Bridge
through Welch's Dam,
oh, how the ensign flew.

She stayed the course,
six statute miles,
not veering from our view.

Flat, Flat, Flat....

You mean the world...?
You mean the world is...?
Yes I do.

From Welney Bridge
through Welch's Dam,
she lost not one degree.

A convex earth?
There is no dearth
of factors contrary.
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Re: You Mean the World

Postby iVeg » Fri Dec 04, 2015 12:10 am

A boy falls for a girl
Declares undying love
She prefers Norwegian guys
She tells him to shove it
Then she sits alone at home and cries

There's nothing stranger than a boy and a girl

You me an the world (x4)

A girl attracts a boy
Then yells at him all night
They can't stand to be apart
All they do is fight
Seven billion others they could try


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