Stuck Down a Mineshaft

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Stuck Down a Mineshaft

Post by ken » Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:16 pm

Stuck Down a Mineshaft
by the Milwaukee Youth Center Choir

it's so dark
I can't see
give me a candle or something
it's so deep
I can't breathe
there's no air down here underneath

no hope of growing daffodils
without a single window sill

it's so hard
to wake up
got no daybreak to remind me
so hungry
it's been so long
since it all collapsed behind me

if you pitch in with a shovel's worth
maybe I could come unearthed

underneath the rubble
I'm a man in deep trouble
I'm stuck down a mineshaft

don't care if you believe me
'cause I'm suffering so deeply
I'm stuck down a mineshaft

it's fruitless
this abyss
is bottomless, it seems to me
what can you
even do
there's a mountain sitting on top of me

when the rocks fall down and crush my bones
you'll feel bad that you weren't home

I believe that a day will arrive
when you'll feel guilty: you buried me alive
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