Two Bucks and I'm Yours

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Two Bucks and I'm Yours

Post by ken » Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:26 pm

two bucks and your mine - a meanwhile! song
performed by swedish masturbation unit


spy me at the railway
you are all alone
mumbling to the porter
traveling home

leather bag protruding
stickers speak in rhymes
all passengers
please board the line
board the line
all aboard
it is time

monetary exchange
then to speeding cars
while the tracks klack along to
artificial heartbeat
metal organism
an arrested state
briefly prior
to your boarding
next ETA
next ETA

butterfly who's
effect is unknown

freely crossing countries
to forget the weight
of the earth and it's junctions
all that is mundane
in between the stations
justice turns crime
all that separates us
is just space and time
space and time

butterfly who's
effect is unknown
would you have
spread your wings
if had you known?
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