Don't Fix It

Post lyrics to your song fight entries. If you have lyrics in search of music, post those here in the Lyric Marte thread.
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Don't Fix It

Post by ken » Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:28 pm

Here are some words that you can sing to the tune of "Don't Fix It", by 15-16 puzzle

Oh, for once in your life
Wouldn't you be relieved
To just know that when you fell down
Everyone believed that you had tried your best
But something didn't gel
But you looked 'em in the eyes and buddy,
Oh, you gave 'em hell

Oh, for once in your life
Wouldn't it just be grand
To be nervous and excited
When the ref takes your hand
And he raises it, for everyone to see
Oh I wish that I had one more chance
To take and make that me

Oh, for once in your life
Wouldn't you be remiss
If you caught a fresh young fighter
And you didn't tell him this:
Don't sell your only chance at glory for a song
It's one you'll never learn to sing
And when you do, you'll sing it wrong

Don't be like me
Don't be like me
Don't fix it
Please don't be like me
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