Why Are You Making Me Kick You Out?

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Why Are You Making Me Kick You Out?

Postby ken » Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:55 pm

Why Are You Making Me Kick You Out?
The Landfills

You've gotten comfortable here, but you don't appreciate it.
Your habits grating on my last nerve, and I can't take it.

It's just an excuse, I know.
To be rid of you, I will...
...contemplate it.

Why are you making me kick you out?
(Repeat a lot-- it's a chorus, after all)

I always used to think we'd always have this thing together.
But it seems obvious you're not of that frame of mind.

I guess I'm too critical.
But I'm getting too miserable...
...to alleviate it.


The messages keep flowin', but I don't know if you're receivin'.
I'd like to think you've heard me and understand my motivation.

IT will be good for you.
I tell myself so I...
...can bring myself to it.

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