Good Luck Charm

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Good Luck Charm

Post by jb »


{title:Good Luck Charm}

{c:verse 1}
Leave that penny on the ground
Leave the rabbit’s foot alone
Let the turkey carcass keep
It’s wishbone

{c:verse 2}
Old St. Joseph can keep his help
Lady bugs cute little pests
Goldfish died and my stock account
Never even noticed

Make your own luck
Stop feeling so blue
You make your own suck
There’s something you can do

To make your own luck
If you’ve got the class
To make your own luck
You just gotta pass

{c:verse 3}
I have everything I need
I don’t need a good luck charm
Forefathers set things up for me
By the strength
… and the skin
Of their arms

Know the right people
Make the right choices
Just work harder
Just work smarter

But one good luck charm
Is better than any other
Just make sure to be
Born the right color

Make your own luck
Stop feeling so blue
You make your own suck
There’s something you can do

To make your own luck
If you’ve got the class
To make your own luck
You just gotta pass
blippity blop ya don’t stop heyyyyyyyyy
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Re: Good Luck Charm

Post by fluffy »

This thing I found lying in the street
Don’t know what it is but it’s pretty neat
When I picked it up, it filled me with energy

Now everyone’s always lookin’ around
Turning their head to see this thing I found
Give me a look, I think that it’s jealousy

It'll always be my lucky charm
Keeping me safe and free from harm
I know everything will always be okay

Everything all said, I’m good
At least long as I’m touching wood
My good luck charm will always save the day

It looks kind of like a rocket ship
Keep it on my belt, held it with a clip
And suddenly nobody wants to fight

Walking through the village green,
Lots of people say "that's keen!"
Some of them even cheer and shout "All right!"


A baker must be what I be
Because everybody says to me
Something about the dough made of dill that I wear

I'm not sure quite what they mean
But I don't want to make a scene
Anyway they said to look out for a bear

I walked on by a man in blue
He took one look and said “how do you do,
I think I’m gonna take you into custody”

I wasn’t sure just what he meant
But then it was clear this was heaven-sent
Because that bear can never get to me

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Re: Good Luck Charm

Post by GravityJohnson »

Macaque Attack - 'Good Luck Charm'

We know he wants it this way.
In tears we mulled it for days.
We agreed,
we'd make this buffet.

His ashes hardly were cool.
Mixed them into this gruel.
Before we,
tossed them into that pool.

We owe it to Ron,
now he has passed on.
All packed up with fags and coffee,
Dagon now is Purple Ronnie.

We honour his ashes,
with swearing and splashes.
Some may think it's kinda funny,
Our good luck charm is Purple Ronnie.

A monster rose from the deep.
Behemoth of the Far East.
On the bank,
we started to weep.

This was Ron's final reply.
His spirit rose to the skies.
Parting gift.
This carp our goodbye.

Middle Bit
Ron looks down on,
Cliff and Paul.
Good to their word,
Rods n all.

Freed from limbo,
by Cliff and Paul.
Should be there with them,
three oddballs.

Time to leave them,
heaven calls.

Inspired by: ... 180lbs-ca/
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Re: Good Luck Charm

Post by ElaineDiMasi »

From Bootlegger Girl

kidney stone in a locket on a chain
round the neck of a woman in the sad cafe
to remind her of her pain
oh yes
and you tell me I'm the same
with my good luck charm wrapped round my finger
so I don't forget my name
oh yes
oh yes

I disassociate
I try to wait til there's gas in the car
when I buckle up the seat belt
it's a way to know where me and my body are
when it all starts to shimmer
I can pretend that it's the heat on the tar
oh yes

somebody asked us what it feels like
so we told about the small small small
and the room, it shifts to the right
and we merge into the ceiling or the glass block wall
it starts to shimmer
so we crawl into the good luck charm
if we're locked in the necklace
it's a way to tell where we and the body are
ohhh yes, Miss Amelia Eckert, yes Miss Alice

good luck charm locked with a chain
round the neck of a woman
in the sad cafe
to remind us of our pain
oh yes
oh yes
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Re: Good Luck Charm

Post by ken »

D D Em7 A

D Em7
She’s my good luck charm
And I hold her close to my heart
When she’s on my arm
I’m walking with my sweetheart

And everything is good so good
And everything is right, so right

How I love her smile
It brightens all the bad days
She makes life worthwhile
A light in darkened doorways

G Bm A A
She sees me as I am
She tells me I’m her man

She’s my good luck charm
I told her she’s my darling
She makes me so warm
Her smile is so disarming
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Re: Good Luck Charm

Post by PepperJane »

Little birds have told me there are more fish in the sea
But those little birds underestimate what you are to me
I've heard them say I'm flogging a dead horse but they believe
That precious stones are so rare they might be a fallacy

But you are
A brilliant gem and jewelry, shining unassumingly
Still got some kick left in you, late start is not last to bloom
You're not just cheese and crackers, you're a whole seafood platter
You quell my anxious alarms you are my good luck charm

Lesser men have spoken about what they don't know about
But you are sparing with verbosity also you rarely shout
I am learning from you countless things I never knew
I think my heart and soul were just confused before I met you

But you are
My quiet moral compass, my sharpened mental cutlass
A vision of exquisite delights more than sensory
My precious deep sea pearl and the axis of my world and
My home is within your arms, you are my good luck charm

If I believed in luck (I don't), or other worldly such and such (I won't)
Then I guess it would be true (blah blah), instead I believe in you (yeeha)
I put all these clichés in here just to make the message clear
To people who won't understand the reasons you're my man

But you are
My personal trainer boss my mental dental floss
The encouragement I need, soothing my hostility
My muse and my amusement, content and my contentment
My soul's own inspiration: you charming incarnation
Everything is about perspective. :shock:
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Re: Good Luck Charm

Post by arby »

(capo on 4th fret - chords are without capo)

Code: Select all

intro:  B    Dbm    Abm   B  x2
    B                    Dbm
the trains are always on time, and
    Abm          B
the people never shove
    B           Dbm
the rain starts pouring
     Abm            B
when I’m already indoors
 B                        Dbm
black cats don’t cross my path;
Abm                   B
stray dogs don’t give chase
  B                       Dbm
I see my friends on the street
    Abm        B
and not my enemies

CHORUS (x2):
          B         E 
you’re my good luck charm
          good luck charm
          good luck charm
life’s better when you’re around

inst: B    Dbm    Abm   B x2

   B                  Dbm
my bank account’s not empty;
   Abm                   B
my boss doesn’t wear a frown
  B                    Dbm
I don’t get hit by the bus
   Abm          B
on its way downtown
    B                 Dbm
the teenagers don’t curse at me
     Abm                B
when I walk through the park
     B               Dbm
I’m steady on the stairs
Abm           B
even when I’m drunk

bridge (inst):  E    A   x3

inst: B    Dbm    Abm   B x2

written by Niveous & Brookes McKenzie (arby)
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Re: Good Luck Charm

Post by Jerkatorium »

Good Luck Charm by Jerkatorium

Parking tickets.
Missed my plane.
Strip-searched by the TSA, now
Each time since you went away.

And I found a syringe in my cola,
Now I think I have Ebola.

You used to be my good luck charm
But now you’re gone.
You’re gone.
You used to be my good luck charm
But now you’re gone.
You're gone.
You’d always protect me
From this world that tries to wreck me.
You were the only one I could depend upon.
You used to be my good luck charm
But now you’re gone.

Hit by lightning.
Got the flu.
Dropped my smartphone in the toilet
Seven times since I lost you.

And I locked my keys inside my car and
Can’t remember where I parked it.


You walked under a ladder,
Stepped on a crack,
Then you broke a mirror.
Has a black cat crossed your path?
How can you blame me for that?
How can you blame me for that?
How can you blame me?
Oh, how can you blame me?

"Yes, I am a Muppet with B.O.; this song speaks to me." - Manhattan Glutton
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